The AUBG Community Rallies to Support Academic Excellence

May 04, 2018

On April 30 AUBG concluded its first Giving Days donation campaign reaching the impressive number of 89 contributors and $20,500 in donation. A total of 61 participants in the campaign gifted for the first time during this financial year.

“I am proud to announce the results of the first AUBG Giving Days. During the Giving Days, we received 89 contributions, bringing us within reach of passing the all-time high in number of donors,” said AUBG President Dr. Steven Sullivan. “Combined with the success of the Faculty and Staff campaign, we are only 14 donors away from an all-time high in number of contributors – with two months of the year left to go!”

AUBG alumni once again expressed their care for future generations of talented students by taking an active part in the campaign. The number of graduates who participated in the AUBG Giving Days is 46, of whom 30 donated for the first time during the fiscal year. 

The donation campaign also introduced a new challenge ahead of alumni – the inauguration of the Griffin Cup and the Skaptopara Cup. The Griffin Cup will be awarded each year to the graduating class with the highest participation rate in giving, while the Skaptopara Cup will be awarded to the class with the highest total giving.

As a special award, President Sullivan pledged to match the first $100 of every gift made by the class that wins the Griffin Cup – and his matching gift will be added to that class’s total in the Skaptopara Cup challenge.

So far, Class of 2016 leads the Griffin Cup competition, followed by Class of 2001 and Class of 2003. For the Skaptopara Cup, the first place is currently held by Class of 2001, with Class of 1996 and Class of 1999 occupying the second and third place, respectively.

President Sullivan also matched up to $100 of every staff and faculty member’s contribution to the regular Faculty and Staff Donation Campaign made between February 21 - April 30. “For the second year in a row, we will surpass the campaign target set at the beginning of the year,” he commented upon fulfilling his matching commitment of $3718.25.

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