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"The Art of Speeches and Presentations : The Secrets of Making People Remember What You Say", by Philip Collins

April 11, 2021

In "The Art of Speeches and Presentations" Philip Collins provides you with a concise set of tools, preparing you for any speaking occasion. Ranging from the ancient history of rhetoric to what makes Barack Obama such a good speaker, it’s packed with practical examples and tips to teach you the craft of speaking well and making people remember what to say.

“Does Phil Collins know what he is talking about? Here’s the answer – he isn’t just good, he is the best. It’s as simple as that. I spent years writing speeches for major politicians and I now speak publicly myself all the time, and yet there is so much that I can pick up from him and anyone who re4ads this book will too.”―Daniel Finkelstein, Executive Editor, The Times and former speech writer to William Hague

Collins, P. (2012). The art of speeches and presentations: The secrets of making people remember what you say.

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