Tetyana Kushniruk: AUBG Teaches You to Make Efficient Choices, Take Responsibility

Ukranian Tetyana Kushniruk is a passionate writer and a person with diverse and exciting hobbies. As a student at AUBG, she fervently explored the art of journalism while actively writing for the student newspaper Defacto, playing the piano, and practicing kung fu.

Tetyana graduated from AUBG in 2009 with a major in Journalism and Mass Communication. She believes that the journalism courses she took, especially reporting and feature writing, created a firm foundation not only for academic success but also for her subsequent professional development. The hands-on reporting classes she took at AUBG taught her “what it might be like in the real world of reporting right within the walls of the University.” In addition, the skills and tools she acquired in public relations and advertising classes have proved to be of invaluable help in her work today.

Tetyana and fellow 2009 graduate Laila Zulkaphil

After she completed the requirements for her major, she took elective classes in a variety of fields. Having the freedom to build one’s own schedule and select classes that match one’s interests is one of the best aspects of liberal arts education, she says. It is also what inspired her to become a self-employed writer after graduation. You are the master of your own time and not tied to a company schedule, she says of the benefits of freelance work.

In addition to improving her writing skills and providing her with a solid education, AUBG gave Tetyana the opportunity to explore her two big passions – playing the piano and practicing martial arts.

“The first gives me inner satisfaction and a feeling of self-realization, the second helps me keep my body fit and my mind in balance,” she says, adding that she is grateful to AUBG for encouraging her extracurricular involvement.

A true action movie buff: at the Kiev premiere of Kung Fu Panda 2

She describes the University’s acquisition of a grand piano as one of the greatest moments of her life as a student. AUBG is also the place where she could finally channel her lifelong admiration for action movies and the martial arts into a health-promoting activity. The Wing Chun Kung Fu Club at AUBG provided her with the opportunity to engage in the study and practice of kung fu, which ultimately taught her “to cope with stressful situations and channel my efforts in the best possible way, which helps greatly in piano and business activities as well.”

Today, the 2009 graduate is an active member of the Kung Fu Academy of Ukraine and CIS, a branch of the Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association.

Looking back, Tetyana says that perhaps the most important lesson AUBG taught her was to see opportunities everywhere. What is more, it taught her “to choose quickly and wisely and take responsibility for my choices.”

Photos from Tetyana's personal archives

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