Tchaprachikoff Scholar Rostislava Ivanova’07: “Being an AUBG graduate opens doors as a ‘secret password’”

Many AUBG graduates land jobs at top international companies and continue their studies in the best graduate programs in the world. Committed to supporting its alumni on their journey to academic and career success, AUBG awards the Tchaprachikoff scholarship to graduates of Bulgarian descent who are admitted in a top 20 U.S. school.

AUBG alumna Rostislava Ivanova (2007) recently became one of the 27 graduates in the history of AUBG to receive this honor. Ivanova was accepted to the MBA program at the University of Virginia-Darden School of Business, one of the most prestigious graduate programs in the United States.

In the years after graduation, Ivanova has become a successful professional in brand marketing. Her leadership skills and dedication to excellence were already apparent while she was a student at AUBG. In addition to completing a major in business administration and a minor in economics, she began the process of opening an AISEC chapter in Blagoevgrad. Ivanova also was an active member of the AUBG Business Club. As an alumna, she continues to contribute to the AUBG community and is currently the vice president of the AUBG Alumni Association

The university has supported Ivanova in her development in more than one way, she said. “AUBG provided me with a whole new perspective on the world and prepared me for the challenging and dynamic business environment after graduation,” she said. “The ‘learning-by-doing’ approach of most of my professors gave me perspective on real business cases and practical hands-on experience. All the teamwork projects I had really helped me shape an open mind and learn how to build upon and develop good ideas.”

AUBG’s close-knit community and vivid campus life helped her build lifelong friendships and valuable networks, Ivanova said. “As an alumna now I realize how big of an impact this unique environment has had on my life not only while a student, but also after graduation,” she said. “As we are everywhere, being an AUBG graduate truly opens doors as a ‘secret password.’”

AUBG’s powerful alumni network was actually one of the reasons Ivanova chose to continue her specialization in marketing in the Darden School of Business. In addition to it being a top-10 MBA program, it has a very dynamic, strong and practical style of education. Ivanova had an AUBG friend at Darden who gave her information on “the exciting Darden experience from first hand,” she said.

“I would like to note that without the Tchaprachikoff scholarship, I wouldn't be sharing with you all this information,” Ivanova said. “I want to say ‘Thank you’ once more to AUBG and the executor of the will of Ann Tchaprachikoff.”

Story by Dimana Doneva

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