Tchaprachikoff Scholar Lyuba Stevasarova: AUBG Supports Students Even After Graduation

AUBG alumni attend some of the world’s top graduate schools, and this is not accidental. Students receive solid academic preparation at the University and are encouraged to complete internships and apply their knowledge in an array of co-curricular on-campus activities. Since 2009, AUBG has supported graduates’ further education financially as well. The Tchaprachikoff scholarship program enables select Bulgarian alums to pursue degrees in a field of their choosing at any of the top 20 U.S. universities. The scholarship covers up to 50 percent of tuition and fees.

Lyuba Stevasarova, class of 2007, was one of the first AUBG-ers to become a Tchaprachikoff scholar. The award allowed her to complete an MBA degree from the renowned Fuqua School of Business at Duke University in 2011.

Before enrolling at Duke, Lyuba worked at Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer, for two years. Through the company’s Global Management Program, she had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in different countries. She led projects in various areas ranging from operations and logistics to trade marketing and pricing. During her employment at the company, Lyuba succeeded in making a significant contribution to its operation by introducing new practices and models that improved operations efficiency and increased sales.

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Lyuba credits AUBG with her professional and academic success. At the University, Lyuba was exposed to different cultures and communicated with people from diverse backgrounds. This learning experience helped her tremendously in successfully managing international, cross-functional teams. Furthermore, it prepared her for the rigorous MBA program at Fuqua, which “relies heavily on teamwork and learning from each other,” she says.

The MBA graduate describes college education as a crucial part of one’s development, both academically and personally. “You make decisions and develop skills that will shape your life for the years to come and I would place AUBG at the core of this development.” Moreover, she loved “the fact that one doesn’t have to choose a major immediately” at the University. It enables students to explore different career paths before firmly committing to a specific field.

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Lyuba believes that, in addition to excellent education, AUBG provides its students with many opportunities to develop their soft skills and leadership qualities. “It is up to the individual students to take advantage of the resources the University provides them with,” she says. Lyuba is equally pleased with the academic training she received at the University, while AUBG’s financial support throughout her higher education exceeded even her most optimistic expectations. “It is remarkable that AUBG continues to support and invest in its students even after graduation. It is very rare and I greatly appreciate it,” Lyuba says.

Editing by Teodora Marcheva

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