Tchaprachikoff Scholar Kristian Georgiev, Class of 2011: “AUBG Builds Character, Skills”

With his great sense of humor, outstanding academic record, and the support of the Tchaprachikoff estate, AUBG graduate Kristiyan Georgiev is set to become a charismatic leader in the world of finance.

Even before he received a dual BA degree in Mathematics and Economics in May 2011, Kristiyan got word that he was admitted to the prestigious Master of Science program in Financial Engineering at Columbia University, the fourth best university in the United States in 2011. AUBG’s unique graduate scholarship program provided much-needed financial support to the talented alumnus so he can attend his school of choice.

Bulgarian AUBG graduates who are accepted at a top 20 U.S. university are eligible to apply for a Tchaprachikoff scholarship. Established by the generous posthumous donation of the Bulgarian-American Anna Tchaprachikoff, the fund has allowed Kristiyan to pursue his lifelong ambition for a career in mathematical finance. In the United States, Kristiyan will be joined by fellow 2011 graduates Anton Tonev and Dimitri Avramov who will continue their education as Tchaprachikoff scholars in the Financial Engineering program of Cornell University.

Between 2009 and 2011, 16 AUBG graduates have won Tchaprachikoff scholarships for study at top U.S. universities. What unites them is their ambition, thirst for knowledge, and solid preparation they received at their alma mater, AUBG.   

Kristiyan, in particular, was impressed by the level of teaching in the economics and mathematics and sciences departments at AUBG. According to him, the University’s educational approach allows students “to develop not only a solid knowledge base but also character.” He is grateful for all the support he received at the University, not only throughout his four years as a student, but also during all steps of the graduate program application process. “If I did not have the support of my alma mater, I would never have been able to fulfill my dream of continuing my education at an Ivy League institution.” Kristiyan’s AUBG professors helped him with written recommendations, guidance on the best programs in the field, and excellent mathematical training, which enabled Kristiyan to ace the GRE. 

Kristiyan feels particularly indebted to AUBG for introducing him to the American liberal arts approach to education. He feels that this educational model gives undergraduate students the freedom to pursue both academic and extracurricular activities, helping them build character and develop their leadership qualities and other skills. Kristiyan served in the student-run Business and Economics Clubs and attended several high-profile lectures by successful financial leaders. He believes that “the best way to make the most of one’s studies at AUBG is to be active and participate in as many of the university- and club-organized events as possible.”

Editing by Teodora Marcheva
Photo by Sylvia Zareva

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