Tchaprachikoff Scholar Delyan Ganev ’07: AUBG Prepared Me for a Top Job & Graduate School

Delyan Ganev exemplifies what is best in AUBG students – a passionate and determined individual whose limit is only the sky. As a student, Delyan distinguished himself not only in his academic pursuits but also at the many extracurricular clubs and activities he participated in. The 2007 graduate was on the Dean’s List multiple times for his excellent academic performance, and in his last year in college he was recognized at Honors Convocation for his Outstanding Achievements in Mathematics. He helped bring distinguished speakers to AUBG through the “Ghastly” Bunch series and played in university soccer tournaments.

For his contributions to the community and excellent post-graduation record, Delyan earned an AUBG-administered Tchaprachikoff scholarship in 2010 to attend a master of finance program at one of the world’s top-ranked business schools – the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, MA, the United States.

Delyan is one of eight AUBG graduates to have received the prestigious scholarship so far. The Tchaprachikoff fund supports Bulgarian graduates of the University who have been admitted to a graduate program at a top 20 U.S. university within five years of graduation from AUBG. The scholarships are available thanks to the estate of Anna Tchaprachikoff, a patriotic Bulgarian who wanted to provide first-rate educational opportunities to talented young Bulgarians. Recognizing AUBG’s contribution to cultivating the region’s intellectual potential, Tchaprachikoff left all her possessions to the University in her will. 

Having earned admission to one of the world’s most selective schools, Delyan still had the issue of financing his education to resolve. The Tchaprachikoff scholarship provided the solution, enabling him to continue his education in the graduate school of his dreams. Delyan describes Sloan as “the place for learning finance,” where faculty includes Nobel laureates Robert Merton and Andrew Lo, Stephen Ross and other widely recognized professionals and researchers in the field of finance.

Academic rigor is nothing new for Delyan. At AUBG, he completed two demanding majors, Economics and Mathematics. His mathematics professors helped him navigate through the fascinating field and understand its practical applications. His fellow students’ intellectual curiosity and motivation sparked discussions, creating an interactive educational experience that “maximizes learning and gives a solid foundation,” Delyan says.

What aided Delyan even more on the road to intellectual growth was education in the liberal arts style that AUBG offers. The greatest advantages of liberal education were the time and the freedom he had to “get the flavor” of various subjects and then focus precisely on what he wanted, he says, adding that “at AUBG I had the time to think about my career options and at the same time an opportunity to explore these options through AUBG’s resources.”

Moreover, the University fortified his self-confidence, and encouraged him “to go outside my comfort zone as far as I can.” Delyan credits AUBG with being “one of the major designers of what I am today.” His AUBG experience also prepared him to hold his own and even thrive in a fast-paced job market. He says: “I received adequate preparation to smoothly transit to a dynamic and exacting workplace.”

Delyan began his professional career in the Sofia branch of BNP Paribas only a few months after graduation and stayed with the company until the summer of 2010 when he left for the United States to begin the one-year graduate program at Sloan.

Photos by Sylvia Zareva

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