Tchaprachikoff Scholar Ani Gesheva (’07): At AUBG, “it feels like everyone is invested in your academic and personal success”

Whether they reach new academic heights, embark on remarkable professional journeys or exercise strong ethical leadership, AUBG alumni are always a source of pride for the university. In the years after graduation, Ani Gesheva (’07) has succeeded in combining her academic and business aspirations and her desire to bring positive change to the society through her knowledge in economics.

Gesheva obtained an MA in economics from the New York University, became a successful analyst, and is now ready for her newest adventure: acquiring an MBA from the Columbia Business School. AUBG has awarded Gesheva the Tchaprachikoff Scholarship, which will support her during her studies at the Ivy League institution. The Tchaprachikoff Scholarship fund provides financial help to AUBG graduates from Bulgaria who have been accepted to one of the United States’ top 20 schools.

Proactive and determined, Gesheva sought many opportunities for personal and professional development while at AUBG. In addition to double-majoring in Business Administration and Economics, she attended summer schools in Berlin and Madrid, participated in an exchange program for a year in Orono, Maine, worked as a newscaster for the student-run radio AURA and as a peer educator with the AUBG Counseling Center, and spent two summers in the U.S. under the Work & Travel program.

“I certainly obtained a solid foundation in economics and finance at AUBG, but more importantly, AUBG empowered me to follow my own path, to look outward, embrace adventure and curiosity,” Gesheva said. “The education in the tradition of the liberal arts along with the promotion of independent and critical thinking, the incredibly diverse and intelligent students and the outstanding faculty at AUBG had a tremendous impact on my personality and career path.”

AUBG also provides an environment that encourages students to push their own boundaries, Gesheva said. “I think that there is something very constructive and propelling in the energy on the AUBG campus,” she said. “It feels like everyone is invested in your academic and personal success, from professors to members of the administration.”

Upon completing her Bachelor’s degree, Gesheva was awarded a scholarship to spend a year in a liberal arts environment in Bard College Berlin where she explored European intellectual history and probed some of the fundamental assumptions of economics through philosophical inquiry. In 2008, she went to New York University as a Fulbright Scholar. While in the States, Gesheva landed a job in a New York-based asset management firm.

Gesheva then returned to Bulgaria where she joined Entrea Capital, an AUBG alumni-led boutique investment bank. “At Entrea Capital, I worked on a number of meaningful advisory projects for the Bulgarian government,” Gesheva said. “I later joined a high-profile financial stability team at the Bulgarian National Bank, which gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge of the financial institutions industry while also using my skills to contribute to the greater good.”

Wishing to further enhance her expertise in the financial services industry and realizing the value of a rigorous EMBA program, Gesheva opted to pursue a degree from the Columbia Business School, an institution consistently ranked among the top five in the U.S.

“I think that such experience will prepare me for the role I am eager to play in the economy of Bulgaria once I have gained valuable experience, and would enable me to become a better contributor to the AUBG and the Bulgarian community,” she said. “Largely owing to the generosity of the Tchaprachikoff Scholarship fund, I am looking forward for my time at Columbia Business School and New York to be at least as transforming an experience as my time at AUBG was.”

Story by Dimana Doneva

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