Summer Camp 2019 Welcomes High School Students from Near and Far

August 13, 2019

More than 120 students coming from 18 countries took part in this year’s Educational Summer Camp at AUBG. For over a decade now, the annual program has gathered together high schoolers from across the world for three weeks of learning, fun and international friendships.

“I made friends from Kazakhstan, Russia, Bulgaria, USA, France, Spain,” said Irina Yipiani, a camp participant from Georgia. “So many nationalities, yet people still have so much in common. This is such a fascinating thing about the camp.”

This year’s summer camp also featured several AUBG students and alumni who came back to campus to pass on their knowledge and skills to the camp participants. The camp leader – the person who supervises the camp’s daily operations – was also an AUBG graduate.  Edvald Alikaj (‘19) said it was his experience working in teams at AUBG that helped him in this new role. “I really enjoyed being part of the [Summer Camp] team,” he said. “At AUBG, I worked as a resident assistant for a year and a half and this was one of the best [experiences].”

Both intensive and entertaining, the summer camp is designed to help students gain new knowledge and skills and improve their conversational English through discussions, games and team projects. Each summer camp participant gets to choose two out of eight courses: Business, Journalism, Computer Skills, Communication Skills, Drama, Leadership Skills, Career Orientation and Creative Writing.

Philip Rusev, current AUBG student and co-founder of Melanin, taught this year’s Leadership Skills course. “I am running a clothing brand, this is what pushed me to do the leadership skills class,” he said. “I want [the camp participants] to be inspired and motivated and know how to inspire and motivate others around them.”

In addition to the classes, the summer camp participants also enjoy sports, artistic and culinary activities, movie nights, group games, competitions and trips to some of Bulgaria’s most famous landmarks. At the end of the camp, they receive certificates from AUBG.

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