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Subject Week: Science fiction vs. Facts

September 28, 2020

Sometimes is difficult to tell the difference between science fiction and science facts. Many sci-fi books and movies are inspired by real scientific inventions while others seem highly unlikely to be true, and there are others that were once fiction but become reality today.  If you feel inspired by these questions, come by and grab a book!

1. The future / Nick Montfort,  BF327 .M66 2017

2. Elon Musk : Tesla, SpaceX, and the quest for a fantastic future / Ashlee Vance,  HC102.5.M88 V36 2015

3. From the earth to the moon ; [and], Around the moon / Jules Verne with an introduction and notes by R.G.A. Dolby,  PQ2469.D3 E52 2011

4. Properties of light : a novel of love, betrayal and quantum physics / Rebecca Goldstein,  PS3557.O398 P76 2000

5. Rule of two : a novel of the Old Republic / Drew Karpyshyn, PS3611.A7846 D373 2008

6. The salmon of doubt : hitchhiking the galaxy one last time / Douglas Adams,  PR6051.D3352 S25 2003

7. The gothic imagination : conversations on fantasy, horror, and science fiction in the media / John C. Tibbetts ; preface by Richard Holmes,  PR830.T3 T53 2011

8. Distant thunders / Taylor Anderson,  PS3601.A53 D57 2011

9. MaddAddam : a novel / Margaret Atwood,  PR9199.3.A8 M34 2013

10. Quantum chance : nonlocality, teleportation and other quantum marvels / Nicolas Gisin,  QC174.12 .G57 2014

11. The quantum handshake : entanglement, nonlocality and transactions / John G. Cramer,  QC174.12 .C73 2016

12. Exploring quantum physics through hands-on projects / David Prutchi and Shanni R. Prutchi,  QC174.12 .P785 2012

13. The quantum brain : the search for freedom and the next generation of man / Jeffrey Satinover,  QP360.5 .S28 2001

14. The quantum handshake : entanglement, nonlocality and transactions / John G. Cramer,  QC174.12 .C73 2016

15. Quantum mechanics : the theoretical minimum / Leonard Susskind and Art Friedman,  QC174.123 .S87 2014

16. Revolutions in twentieth-century physics / David J. Griffiths, Reed College,  QC174.12 .G75154 2013

17. The universe in a nutshell / Stephen Hawking,  QC174.12 .H39 2001

18. Brief answers to the big questions / Stephen Hawking ; [foreword: Eddie Redmayne ; an introduction: Kip Thorne ; afterword: Lucy Hawking, Q173 .H388 2018

19. The grand design / Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow,  QC794.6.G7 H385 2010

For more related resources see LibGuide Science.

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