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Subject Week: "Major World Religions"

February 14, 2021

Print books:

1. Amore, R. C., Hussain, A., & Oxtoby, W. G. (Eds.). (2019). World religions. Eastern traditions (5th ed.). New York, NY : Oxford University Press.  BL80.3 .W65 2019

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5. Dowley, T. (2014). Introduction to world religions (C. Partridge, Ed.; 4th ed.). Oxford : Lion. BL80.3 .I58 2014

6. Hussain, A., Amore, R. C., & Oxtoby, W. G. (Eds.). (2019). World religions. Western traditions (5th ed.). New York, NY : Oxford University Press.  BL80.3 .W66 2019

7. Joy, M. (Ed.). (2020). Explorations in women, rights, and religions. Sheffield, South Yorkshire ; Bristol, CT : Equinox Publishing ltd.    BL458 .E97 2020

8.  Kurtz, L. R. (1995). Gods in the global village : the world's religions in sociological perspective. Thousand Oaks Calif.: Pine Forge Press.                  BL60 .K87 1995

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14. Voorst, R. Van. (2014). RELG : world. Stamford, CT : Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.  BL80.3 .V36 2015

When off campus, please enter your credentials to access e-books and articles.

E - Books:

1. Ben Rafael, E., & Sternberg, Y. (2010). World Religions and Multiculturalism : A Dialectic Relation. Brill. 

2. Boyd, R. (2017). Approaching the world’s religions, volume 1 : Philosophically thinking about world religions. ProQuest Ebook Central

3. Brackney, W. H. (2010). Studying christianity : The critical issues. ProQuest Ebook

4. D'Costa, G. (Ed.). (2011). The catholic church and the world religions : A theological and phenomenological account. ProQuest Ebook Central

5. Deming, W., & Deming, W. (2015). Understanding the religions of the world : An introduction. ProQuest Ebook Central

6. Encyclopaedia, B. I. (2006). Encyclopedia of world religions. ProQuest Ebook Central

7. Kenney, J. T., & Moosa, E. (Eds.). (2013). Islam in the modern world. ProQuest Ebook Central 

8. Peter Clarke. (1990). The World’s Religions: Islam. Routledge.

9. Ridgeon, L. (Ed.). (2003). Major world religions : From their origins to the present. ProQuest Ebook Central

10. Wright, M. J. (2012). Studying judaism : The critical issues. ProQuest Ebook Central


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