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Subject Week: "Best Astronomy and Space Books"

February 22, 2021

Print books:

1. Christian, C., & Roy, J.-R. (2017). A question and answer guide to astronomy. Cambridge University Press.  QB52 .B45 2017

2. Dinwiddie, R. (2016). The stars: the definitive visual guide to the cosmos. DK Publishing.  QB802 .D56 2016

3. Gallant, R. A. (1980). National Geographic picture atlas of our universe .(M. Sedeen, Ed.). Washington DC: National Geographic Society.   QB68 .G34 1980

4. Gott, J. R. (2018). The cosmic web: Mysterious architecture of the universe. Princeton: Princeton University Press. QB35 .G68 2018

5. Hawking, S., & Mlodinow, L. (2005). A briefer history of time. New York: Bantam Books.  QB981 .H3773 2005

6. Michener, J. A. (1982). Space. New York: Random House.  PS3525.I19 S6 1982

7. Moore, P., & Nicolson, I. (1976). Black holes in space. New York: Norton.  QB843.B55 M66 1976

8. National Research Council (U.S.). Ad Hoc Committee on Gravitation. Physics and astronomy. (1990). Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Gravitation, Physics and astronomy. Washington DC: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  QC178 .N315 1990

9. Pasachoff, J. M., & Filippenko, A. (2004). The cosmos: Astronomy in the new millennium (2nd ed., Vol. 1). Australia; Pacific Grove, CA: Thomson-Brooks/Cole.  QB43.3 .P37 2007

10. Susskind, L., & Lindesay., J. (2005). An introduction to black holes, information and the string theory revolution. Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific. QB843.B55 S97 2005

11. Tyson, N. D., Strauss, M. A., & Gott, R. J. (2016). Welcome to the universe: An astrophysical tour. Princeton: Princeton University Press. QB982 .T974 2016

12. Wickramasinghe, C. (2005). A journey with Fred Hoyle: The search for cosmic life (K.Wickramasinghe., Ed.). Hackensack, N.J.: World Scientific. QB36.W43 A3 2005

When off campus, please enter your credentials to access e-books and articles.


1. BarCharts, I. (2017). Astronomy: Quick study reference guide to space, our solar system, planets and the stars. BarCharts, Inc. ProQuest Ebook Central

2. Carroll, J. (2014). A Time Travel Dialogue. Cambridge, UK: Open Book. JSTOR

3. Chambers, J., & Mitton, J. (2014). From Dust to Life: The Origin and Evolution of Our Solar System. Princeton; Oxford: Princeton University Press. JSTOR

4. Committee, O. S. O. S. L., Space, S. B., Division, O. E. A. P. S., & National, A. O. S. E. A. (2015). The space science decadal surveys: Lessons learned and best practices.The National Academies Press. ProQuest Ebook Central

5. Glendenning, N. K. (2004). After the beginning: A cosmic journey through space and time. World Scientific ; Imperial College Press,ProQuest Ebook Central

6. Loeb, A., & Furlanetto, S. R. (2013). The first galaxies in the universe. Princeton University Press. ProQuest Ebook Central

7. National, R. C., Division, O. E. A. P. S., Space, S. B., Committee, O. N. A. S. C., & National, A. O. S. (2007). Portals to the universe: The nasa astronomy science centers.The National Academies Press, ProQuest Ebook Central

8. Lucas John Mix. (2009). Life in Space: Astrobiology for Everyone. Harvard University Press. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)

9. Nickell, D. S. (2008). Guidebook for the Scientific Traveler : Visiting Astronomy and Space Exploration Sites Across America. Rutgers University Press. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)

10. Ratcliffe, Martin A. State of the Universe 2008: New Images, Discoveries, and Events. Springer, New York, 2007. ProQuest Ebook Central


1. Alcubierre, M. (n.d.). Astronomy and space on the big screen: How accurately has cinema portrayed space travel and other astrophysical concepts? Metode, 2017(7), 211–219.

2. Dowdell, A., & Boyd, D. (2015). “Astronomy in Space” - the 2015 Autumn WeekendJournal of the British Astronomical Association, 125(6), 378–379.

3. Junhyeok Jeon, & Yonggi Kim. (2019). Analysis of Papers Published in the Journal of Astronomy and Space Sciences from 1984 to 2018. Journal of Astronomy and Space Sciences, 36(3), 199–211.

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