Student Club The Hub: Aspiration for Innovation

October 17, 2016

What is that room to the right as you enter the ABF student center? Inside are desks, tables and chairs, but who are they for? To answer such questions, the recently created club The Hub on Oct. 6 invited the AUBG community to join them in the ABF theater for Innovation 101 – a series of informal lectures dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit, career success and turning ideas into reality.

“The student body of AUBG is full of creativity, passion and fresh ideas,” said second year student Simona Buznik to open the lecture series. She went on to present a short history of a club created last year called AUBG Spaces. It was founded as a means of helping students apply their computer skills in practical ways. That in turn led to the creation of the Aspire workspace, whose purpose is to provide a place for students to gather and share ideas that can later turn into successful business ventures.

AUBG President Stratsi Kulinski spoke about the progress of innovation at the university from the time he began his job. His desire is the promotion of an entrepreneurial spirit at AUBG and beyond. “Make AUBG the place where dreams come true,” was the charge he gave his audience.

Stefan Lazov, a Computer Science and Mathematics student and a member of The Hub, spoke about the difficulties of forming and working in a team and how Aspire will help students coordinate and find other people with similar interests. Members of The Hub are the caretakers of the new creative space. He hopes that the innovation lab can “help people shape their path.”

AUBG Business Professor Joseph Pilov recounted success stories of students and noted how ideas can be applied outside of the classroom to solve real business problems. Technology, he asserted, is only the tool for innovation.  The real driving force is the combination of passion and ideas.

The senior project manager for Junior Achievement Bulgaria, Elica Efremova, spoke about the entrepreneurial education that JA Bulgaria provides and how it supports young people who desire to start their own businesses. Winner of JA Bulgaria’s Best Startup Award this year went to Centroida, an AUBG student company.

Hristo Georgiev, AUBG alumnus (’16), co-founder of Centroida and former member of AUBG Spaces, concluded the lecture series with an announcement that Centroida will give a 2000 leva reward to the best project completed in the Aspire workspace.

“I can feel that the entrepreneurial culture on campus is evolving,” commented Business major Simona Stancheva. “Since the success of Centroida, students seem more inspired and likely to unleash their potential before leaving AUBG.”

After the event, guests were invited to the Aspire center for refreshments and networking.

Story by Chanko Valev
Photography by Anastasiia Hryshchenko

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