Stoyan Kurtev: "Shape your Future"

What is the connection between human consciousness and the biological functions of the brain? The answer is hidden both in the study of philosophy and psychology, and in quantum physics and neurosciences--Stoyan Kurtev, an AUBG alumnus, is working hard on finding it.

Stoyan graduated in 1995 and has been interested in artificial intelligence since his studying at AUBG, despite the fact that he majored in Business Administration and Computer Sciences. As a student and for some years after graduating, he worked for AUBG on accounting software and then, for three years as a member of the Open Society Institute.

Going to the U.S. is the turning point in his development as a scientist. There, he earned his masters degree in philosophy and communication science and extended his study of artificial intelligence. Stoyan developed his field of interest even further in Germany, where he finished his doctorate in neurosciences. He is now working on his post doctorate in the University of Leicester in the School of Psychology.

In the meantime, Stoyan finds his time to visit AUBG almost every year and did not miss the Alumni Reunion in September, 2008. He explains with a smile on his face: “While I was at AUBG, there was only one international student and he was my roommate!” This was very important to him, as he believes “the bachelor’s degree gives the foundation of social culture and the contact with people builds up one’s character and personality.” For Stoyan, the academic part of university life is important as long as it gives official recognition of one’s abilities.

When it comes to science, Stoyan admits that he should be completely devoted to his work in order to do it properly. In psychology, things are not routine and those committed to it have to have a special interest in it, just like he does. He works on the experiments and his science publications because of his deep devotion to understanding and not because of money.

As an example of someone who does exactly what he wants to do, Stoyan encourages current students of AUBG with these words: “Young people that are in university for the first time don’t think about their future and future career, just like I didn’t. However, they should plan in advance. It is important that they have something that other students lack and realize their objectives beforehand.”
Stoyan is now looking for more opportunities to put into practice his knowledge and to find the answer to the controversial questions of how consciousness and biological functions are connected.

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