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October 19, 2020

During the 30th Annual Conference of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association, held at the Central Library of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (October 15-16, 2020), Panitza Library presented four of its most current and outstanding projects.

  • Adelina Barzachka (Senior Circulation Librarian, ILL and Special Events) started with presenting The Special Collection of Panitza Library and its place in the academic community. The aim was to showcase the newly created "Special Collection", which is one of the very significant new projects that the Library has been working on. The Special Collection consists of 1,171 titles, published prior 1920. Three of these titles are from the late 18th century, making this collection very unique for the region. It is now fully formed and the bibliographic information easily retrieved in the library catalog through a new Location facet – Panitza Library Special Collection. Adelina’s presentation outlined the processes of collection selection and creation, appropriate storage conditions and handling, preservation and conservation, policy for use, and promotion of resources. The purpose of the collection is to preserve the materials and to support the AUBG academic community in their various research projects in history, literature, journalism, linguistics. Digitizing and adding the books that are not available online to the AUBG Digital Collections would enrich their access and value for the scholars across the world.
  • Deya Argirova (Class of 2020, JMC Major) presented the Panitza Library’s Sound Collection. The AUBG Sound Library is a digital sound archive created at the beginning of 2020. Its purpose is to support the creative work of the students in their practical projects, and as such the resource is a part of the constant efforts for innovative teaching and learning growth of the university. The idea for this project began as a thesis planning of a graduating student looking for a more significant contribution of her work, and the participation of Panitza Library in it was a natural bond after being a long-term partner for various academic and student initiatives at AUBG. Today, the collection comprises of 118 individual professionally recorded sound files, which are recordings of flora, fauna, transport, sound effects and ambiences. The online collection is fully on open access following the global principles of free content sharing for educational/socially useful purposes, and comes with Creative Commons copyright license, which allows free processing and reuse only with mention of the author. The applications of the collection can be diverse, both for audio projects, films and for educational purposes. The role of the Panitza Library in this project is significant - both to provide appropriate infrastructure (platform, visualization, links, metadata), but also to plan its institutional sustainability. This collection will continue to grow, as two new students took over from Deya and will work in the fall semester on its expanding.
  • Radina Damyanova presented her work on Copyright on online images: Panitza Library's experience in building educational collections. The aim of this presentation was to present the experience of the Panitza Library in creating online educational resources for the university community that would raise awareness regarding the use of online images and intellectual property issues. The focus was on the recently developed online manual -Image Copyright LibGuide. As this is inherently a legal matter, it is of great importance that the information presented to students is understandable, easily accessible and practical. Due to the fact that most of the cases students may encounter are mainly related to their educational process, the central idea is for students to acquire a basic knowledge of copyright, as well as to have an accessible means of reference, rather than to enter in depth in the texts of laws and various cases. With these features in mind, the presented LibGuide serves as a tool to inform students about the basic principles, practices and problems related to the copyright on online images.
  • Gergana Atanasova (E-resources, Digital Collections and Serials Librarian) presented the new AUBG Digital Collection of Students’ Publications. During the session she pointed out the history, the creation, and the development of the AUBG Student Publications Collection. The experience gained and the results achieved in this specific and unique project were also shared, as well as the difficulties that have arisen in the process of work, and the steps that have been taken to solve the problems. Special attention was paid to the significance of this type of digital collections in the academic institutions, as well as the importance of the Library as a link between students, student clubs, professors, graduates and their subsequent professional development. Emphasis was also placed on the importance of promoting the digital collections, evaluating the received feedback, and the forthcoming work on finalizing the project. The Students’ Publications are part of the University’s history and memory and the Library is determined to preserve the open access to them.

The Bulgarian Library and Information Association annual conference is the most significant professional forum in Bulgaria that gathers librarians and information specialists from all expert spheres – national, academic, public and school libraries. These meetings are among the best opportunities for librarians to learn, to share good practices and experiences, to exchange ideas, and to collaborate with colleagues from other partner institutions.

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