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Set-Up Your Small Business for Big Success, by Nikola Tomov

April 11, 2018

The Hub and AUBG Olympics bring you a talk that will help you to set-up your small business for big success.

During this talk, Nikola will share the subtleties of starting and growing a small business. The year 2018 is the most amazing time to be an entrepreneur. You can literally start your first business in less than a week! Also, there are a bunch of tools that and techniques that can help you model your business and scale it x10. You will learn about all the subtleties of starting a small business (as opposed to a start-up) and why you should absolutely do it right here and right now!

Nikola holds a BSc in Business Administration and a MSc in Finance and Investments from RSM, Erasmus University Rotterdam. During that time, he was involved in numerous entrepreneurship projects. Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Nikola has worked for the largest dutch asset management fund (Robeco at the time) and for Microsoft. Three years ago Nikola started Aesthetic by Science - an evidence-based fitness community - which has become a household name in Bulgaria since then. Shortly after, he also co-founded another company - Rosemary & Thyme - that provides exotic foods and spices to the Bulgarian market.

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