Professor Joseph Pilov’96: “Ever since I graduated I have felt the strong need to return the favor”

AUBG students this semester will have the opportunity to learn Management Information Systems (MIS) from a professor who has spent 15 years working as an engineer at Microsoft in the U.S. That’s because AUBG alumnus Joseph Pilov (’96) has returned to pass on his vast knowledge in database systems to current students.

Pilov’s interest in information systems started at AUBG where he studied Business Administration and was working as a student assistant at the Business Office. After graduation, Pilov completed an MBA in the U.S. with a concentration in MIS. “That same interest in databases got me a job at Microsoft right out of grad school,” Pilov said.

After 15 years of solving software issues, tuning database workloads and managing a complex enterprise database system at Microsoft, Pilov started his own software and development business.

“But in the process of running my business, I realized that I was missing something big – and that was the interaction with people and mostly the ability to teach and share my knowledge,” Pilov said. “I used to teach many at Microsoft – customers, colleagues and that was my favorite part of my job.”

The passion to teach is one of the reasons Pilov opted to become a professor at AUBG. “This urge to share knowledge and teach and the immense reward from seeing how others can grow because you taught them something, is what drove me to look for a teaching opportunity here,” he said. 

The other reason Pilov decided to come back is because he wanted to give back to the university. 

“Ever since I graduated, I have felt the strong need to return the favor,” he said. “AUBG opened many doors for me both in my personal growth, my future career, my ability to develop performing arts skills, my ability to write well, argue my position, and on and on.”

In his new role as a professor, Pilov will teach three sections of “Introduction to Management Information Systems.”

“I taught a similar class while I was in graduate school in the U.S.,” he said. “I bring experience from the IT industry and hope to be able to share much of it with the students.”

Education at AUBG is multi-faceted and one of its major aspects is being involved with activities other than classwork, Pilov said.

“My best memories from AUBG come from doing things with people – acting in theater plays, singing in the choir, playing in the basketball tournaments,” he said. “My best AUBG friends are the ones I made on the theater and choral stage or the basketball court, and of course at the guitar and singing parties at the dorms.”

Busy with work and family, Pilov still manages to find time for hobbies. He enjoys playing the guitar and reading books. While still in the U.S., Pilov danced and choreographed in a Bulgarian folk dancing group.

“Most of my free time these days I spend re-living my childhood through the eyes of my two-and-a-half year old daughter,” Pilov said.

Story by Dimana Doneva

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