Professor Alexander Dourchev: The EMBA - “a great business opportunity for my company”

New Professor of Public Relations Alexander Dourchev boasts an impressive work history: the New Bulgarian University, Sofia University (St. Kliment Ohridski), Universitat Wein, and the Bulgarian School of Politics (Dimitry Panitza). Despite his extensive experience, he distinctly recollects his time in the AUBG EMBA program because of its practical focus, excellent faculty, and unique students, many of whom he is happy to call his colleagues and friends.

With relish, Dourchev says the EMBA program helped him see “the big picture of business” by combining business strategy, accounting, human resources, and financial management. He had to cooperate with professionals in small groups, many of them successful entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders from diverse business backgrounds—an experience that gave him a broad perspective of the business sphere.  

“I strongly believe that AUBG’s EMBA program was probably the most meaningful education I’ve gone through,” says Dourchev, “It provides an effective combination between theory and practice, and it empowers you to experiment with them in practice. And most importantly, you don’t miss the business.”

Dourchev believes the most valuable skill he took away from AUBG was the ability to effectively implement in business the practices he learned in the program. In 2010, while earning his Master’s degree from Sofia University, he founded the All Channels Communication Group (ACCG), which encompasses public relations, advertising, and communication agencies. While working on his EMBA, Dourchev became CEO of ACCG, and through training and experience, he has evolved into “more of a manager” and a natural leader—something AUBG strives to create. Since that time, he has continued to hone his managerial skills and those of his colleagues.

Looking back, Dourchev describes his founding efforts as “a stupidly brave adventure,” yet, in his view, AUBG provided the “ratio, knowledge, and experience from others’ mistakes” that has helped the company grow almost threefold since its founding. Indeed, two years after earning his EMBA, Dourchev and ACCG won the award for Best Business Practice for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises, the Forbes Business Award for Best HR Strategy, and two awards from the Bulgarian Human Resources Association.

Dourchev’s achievements, however, extend beyond ACCG. He served as deputy-chairman of the Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies (BAPRA) from 2009 to 2011 and was their chairman from 2011 to 2013. He has also written numerous articles on marketing and management and spoken at several Bulgarian and foreign conferences.

Dourchev is excited to once again be part of AUBG and looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with his PR students—who he hopes will someday join the EMBA program and create their own success stories.

Story by Yoana Savova

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