President Plevneliev: A Strong Leader Understands the Importance of Building Sustainable Solutions

May 18, 2017

“I am here to share your passion for change,” said Rosen Plevneliev, Bulgarian president (2012-2017) in front of more than 100 attendees at an interactive discussion held May 17 at AUBG’s Elieff Center in Sofia.

The event was part of the AUBG Leadership Series – seminars offered exclusively to AUBG EMBA students and graduates. “I came here to speak with the future leaders of Bulgaria and the region about what is going wrong today and how we can fix it,” Plevneliev later told an AUBG reporter.

He discussed in depth massive geopolitical changes, stressing that we live in a time of “cold peace,” which is also the title of the book the former president is writing. We do not have real peace, but we do not want war, either, Plevneliev elaborated.

He also pointed the world is witnessing a record number of crises. The key to sustainable peace, in his words, is integration among nations. This way, he explained, it is impossible to have war. The role of politicians, he said, is to bring sustainable solutions and resolve conflicts, while solutions should be multi-lateral.

Plevneliev also shared his insight on leadership. A strong leader modernizes their country and improves democracy; one that makes people freer and more educated. “A strong leader is one who really understands the importance of building and bringing sustainable solutions.”  The success of a nation is measured by the success of its ordinary people, Plevneliev pointed in this regard.

 “I was a president. I was a minister. I was a manager. I have seen a lot. I have done a lot, and I just want to share,” Plevneliev explained his reasons to participate in the Leadership Series.  “It is only by sharing – coming together – that we could be efficient,” he elaborated. The only way to solve the problems is if you point at them, the former president stressed.

Plevneliev also sent a strong message to AUBG: “Believe in what you do and make students believe in [it].”

Photos by Sofia Volkhonskaya

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