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Pick Your Poison, edited by Emma Neslon & Hannah Smith

May 02, 2018

Poison comes in all shapes and sizes, often resting in that murky, gray area somewhere between too much and too little, between right and wrong. Some poisons help; some poisons hurt. Some do both in the proper doses. But one thing is certain—whether good or evil, figurative or literal, fact or fiction—we can’t escape its potent charm.

Michael Harris Cohen has work published or forthcoming in various places including Fictional International, The Gigantic Book of Tiny Crimes, The Dark Magazine and Conjunctions (web). He is a recipient of a Fulbright grant and fellowships from the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the Djerassi Foundation and OMI International Arts Center. His first book, The Eyes, was published in 2013. He has been working as an associate professor of literature at the American University in Bulgaria. His short story Effects Vary is included in the book together with other persuasive and quite controversial narratives.

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