Philosophy Professor Diego Lucci: “If You Want to Succeed, Do What You Love”

“If you want to succeed, do what you love.” Following this belief, Diego Lucci stirred some drama in his family back in Naples, Italy, when he chose to study philosophy over such profitable fields as law and economics, which most of his friends went for. Predictions of an indigent future and thankless toiling were his off-to-college blessings. But Professor Lucci proved naysayers wrong: Today, he is unique among his friends in having a job he adores and one that affords him a comfortable lifestyle.

Professor Lucci has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Naples “Federico II” in Italy. Before coming to AUBG, he taught at Boston University and the University of Missouri, and he lectured and did research at numerous European as well as American institutions. His intellectual pursuits have taken him to Iceland, the Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom, among other places. 

At AUBG, Professor Lucci teaches courses ranging from classical to modern political philosophy. Regardless of the subject matter, his classes are always full, with students returning to take a second or a third course with him. His passion about the subject is one reason for that, his enthusiasm for philosophy proving infectious. Another reason is his ability to make complex ideas accessible and interesting to his students. Lively debates are common during his classes, with students eager to test out loud their ideas and understanding of the course readings. To many students, Professor Lucci is more than just a teacher: he is a mentor and an inspiration. Some students even say that he has influenced their choice of major or helped shape their thinking.

Professor Lucci finds his interaction with students equally beneficial. “It is very rewarding for a professor to have students coming back, especially the ones that got a B or even a C in their last class… At AUBG, students are willing to learn, to develop,” he says.

In addition to teaching, Professor Lucci edits academic texts and produces significant scholarly work of his own. He has published a book and several articles on Deism. His book, titled Scripture and Deism: The Biblical Criticism of the Eighteenth-Century British Deists, reflects his unique ability to tackle and elucidate complicated concepts and his single-minded dedication to a subject he loves. It has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and is regarded as a very valuable work in the field. Moreover, Professor Lucci was invited to present his research at the University of Reading in July 2010, at Queen’s University Belfast in August 2010, and at the Institute for Historical Research in London in spring 2011. Professor Lucci presented it to an AUBG audience at a reading in November 2009.

Lucci’s biggest interest in his spare time is reading and writing philosophy. He enjoys exchanging ideas with colleagues and sharing thoughts with other scholars. He has numerous ongoing projects, including two books and several articles and book chapters. He has already made research plans for the next three years. Currently he is in touch with a group of prominent scholars of Deism and plans to continue research on the Enlightenment and its historical significance.

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