Panitza Library

Panitza Library's Special Collection

October 14, 2021

Panitza Library’s Special Collection was formed in 2019 and currently consists of 1184 monographs, published prior to 1920.

The books were originally part of a now-closed Fairley Dickinson University Library branch and were purchased and transported to the newly formed AUBG campus in 1994, thanks to Dimi and Yvonne Panitza’s generous donation.

The main purpose of the Special Collection is to preserve the cultural heritage and provide access to rare content for the AUBG community and for the current and future generations of students and scholars globally.

The Special Collection can be accessed by all patrons following the regular academic, ethical, professional, and copyrights standards.

It is now open for visits and we would be happy to show you around!

You can find more information in our Special Collection LibGuide.

All books from the collection are fully described and searchable in our catalog.

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