Nicoleta Paladi Receives AUBG’s Presidential Medal 2019

April 11, 2019

AUBG’s 2019 Presidential Medalist is Nicoleta Paladi—a student from Moldova who has demonstrated outstanding academic potential, great involvement with extracurricular activities and a strong commitment to social responsibility. A Political Science and International Relations and European Studies student, Paladi has built an online platform for the empowerment of young women and girls. She has also co-created an English language mentorship program for Moldovan youth and has been a driving force in the establishment of a Moldovan-American Foundation in support of orphaned children.

Paladi received AUBG’s highest academic award during the 26th Honors Convocation in Dr. Carl Djerassi Theater Hall Apr. 10. An annual celebration of academic excellence, the ceremony aims to recognize the many successes of the graduating students at AUBG.

“AUBG has been a wonderful experience,” Paladi said. “The highlight for me has probably been the student clubs that helped me develop my public speaking skills, and taught me how to work in a team, how to do volunteering, how to realize a project, how to talk to people.” It is important to be socially responsible from a young age, Paladi also said. “I think that not being of service and not realizing that you can help and be there for others is a very ignorant way to live.”

51 students in total were recognized for their achievements both in and out of the classroom.

“The students recognized here today have worked hard to achieve distinction, assisted by an able and talented faculty and staff,” AUBG President Dr. Steven Sullivan said. “We applaud their achievements and look forward with hope and pride to the futures of these fine students.”

Find the full list of students recognized at the Honors Convocation below:

Outstanding Senior in Information Systems

Doris Verria and Dobrin Stoilov

Twenty-first Annual Programming Contest

Third Place- Lazaron Shyta

Second Place- Volodymyr Lapytskyi          

First Place- Euxhen Hasanaj

Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics

Euxhen Hasanaj and Vilizar Goshev

Outstanding Achievement in Computer Science

Maria Marinova and Euxhen Hasanaj

Outstanding Achievement in Journalism and Mass Communication

Elsa Kelmendi

Outstanding Achievement in Economics

Bogomil Marinov and Mariela Dragolova

Outstanding Achievement in Business Administration

Klaudia Jaso and Simona Mitevska

Metro Essay Recognition

Kamila Ilimbayeva

Outstanding Achievement in Modern Languages

Outstanding Senior in Bulgarian

Ornela Laflouf and Artem Chukanov

Outstanding Senior in French

Katerina Ilieva

Outstanding Senior in German

Maria Marinova

Outstanding Senior in Spanish

Nadezhda Tsankova and Kirila Dicheva

Outstanding Achievement in Literature

Evgenia Tumar

The Filitsa Sofianou-Mullen Creative Writing Competition

The winners in the fiction category:

3rd—Vasil Tuchkov, “Opiparo’s Day”

2nd—Ketevan Mdzinarishvili, “Spider” 

1st—Marko Lubarda,  “Load Bearing”

The winners in the poetry category:

3rd—Yagama / Mariana Perianova, “I Am Hungry”

2nd—Asset Janabekov, “Fata Morgana”

1st—Andreea Ceplinschi, “Immigrant Gold”

Outstanding Achievement in Music

Anar Tamir and Fabio Rukaj

Outstanding Achievement in Psychology

Ketevan Chincharadze

Outstanding Achievement in History and Civilizations

Hristo Dimitrov

Outstanding Achievement in European Studies

Nicoleta Paladi

Outstanding Achievement in Political Science/International Relations

Teodora Ivanova and Georgi Georgiev

Outstanding Achievement in the EMBA Program

Alexander Gramadov

Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Athletics

Krum Zahariev

Al Cyrus Theatre Award

Aleksiya Kokolios and Krum Zahariev

The 2019 Annual University Council Essay Awards

Third Prize goes to Martin Iliev                  

Second Prize goes to Zdravko Cherkezov                                

And the First Prize goes to Iliyana Nalbantova                                  

Outstanding Peer Counselor

Margad Tuul

Outstanding Subject Tutor

Volodymyr Lapytskyi – a tutor in computer science and mathematics

Community Volunteer Service Award

Fabio Rukaj and Erga Skenda

Outstanding Resident Assistant

Fatme Tsiko and Kristiyana Stoyanova

Outstanding Contribution to Shared Governance

Fabio Rukaj

Outstanding Student Advisor

Aila Baizhomartova

Presidential Medalist

Nicoleta Paladi

Faculty Recognition:

Emeritus Recognition

Professor Volin Karagiozov

Research Recognition

Professor Sean Homer

The Cosmina Tanasoiu Excellence in Teaching Award

Professor Sean Homer

Story by Dimana Doneva
Photos by Ilda Duka

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