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New Faculty Publication: Prof. Vladimir Georgiev

January 11, 2021

Prof. Vladimir Georgiev from AUBG Department of Computer Science has just published a new article “Tools for Creating and Presenting Online Learning Resources for Preschool Kids” in TEM Journal, Volume 9, Issue 4, November 2020. The co-author is Prof. A. Nikolova, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The article introduces a module for presenting interactive learning resources for kids in online and mobile environments. Traditional e- Learning systems are not suitable for children in preschool age, as they do not provide specific functionalities to meet the audience’s presentation, interaction and focus requirements. To solve this problem, we propose a set of interactive software components for creating and visualizing lessons for kids, which can be integrated in existing and new e- Learning platforms and mobile applications. The article describes the challenges of using learning management systems, points out the needs of the specific audience, and finally reveals the functionalities of a module for realizing learning resources for kids.

Bibliographic record:

Georgiev, V., & Nikolova, A. (2020). Tools for creating and presenting online learning resources for preschool kids. TEM Journal, 9(4), 1692-1696. doi:10.18421/TEM94-49

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