Nadezhda Boboshevska, Development Coordinator: “A constant movement toward the future”

Though she’s traveled to many countries -- France, Italy, the UK, Germany and Switzerland, to name just a few -- Nadezhda Boboshevska’s journey has led her back to her hometown of Blagoevgrad. She was recently hired as AUBG’s development coordinator.

“It feels right to work for AUBG,” Boboshevska said. “Even before I applied for the position, I have had very high expectations of what it is like to work for one of the best educational institutions in the region. And it all turned out even better than I anticipated. AUBG gives you freedom to develop yourself and to grow your potential. It is a constant movement toward the future.”

Starting her path to success from the language high school in Blagoevgrad, Boboshevska later completed two master’s degrees in Tourism and Finance. She has held different managerial positions in the fields of customer relations, human resources, finance and consulting.

She is fluent in both English and French, and she has managed numerous international and multinational projects, giving her the cross-cultural experience and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s globalized world.

“I really enjoy working in a diverse cultural environment,” she said. “This is part of the reason why I like AUBG. Working with young people from different cultural backgrounds on a daily basis, and learning how to overcome the cultural barriers, is what makes my time here worthwhile.”

When asked about her “AUBG experience,” she said it started a long time ago and then she giggled. “My first interaction with the AUBG universe dates back to the time when the first AUBG class started their college experience,” she said. “I have many friends who studied at AUBG back then and through our time together, I somehow immersed into the culture of the institution.”

Boboshevska said AUBG is near and dear to her heart, also because her two children grew up playing around the beautiful Skaptopara campus. “While there, we had the chance to interact with students, faculty and staff members,” she said. “I really enjoyed these times.”

Regarding her mission at AUBG, Boboshevska said that she expects to learn a lot and that she is also eager to share her knowledge with her co-workers.

“For me, AUBG is a great opportunity and challenge, because it combines both the education and business fields, which is a unique fusion of the academic with the corporate,” she said. “I am motivated to give my best and I cannot wait to learn and grow more every day.”

Story by Nelly Ovcharrova
Photography by Dimana Doneva

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