More Honors 2016: Make ’Em Laugh

April 26, 2016

At the end of a busy, sometimes grueling semester filled with projects, papers, and assignments, taking an evening off to laugh with fellow students can be cathartic. This year’s More Honors ceremony, installment 19 of the annual celebration of campus humor at AUBG, provided that release.

Dubbed “a moronish mock show,” the More Honors Annual Ceremony on April 22 celebrated the faults and foibles of students and others for the nineteenth year in a row. The show combined well-conceived video clips with award categories not typically represented in academic circles. Hundreds of AUBG students, alumni, faculty, and staff crowded into the Skaptopara Sports Hall to enjoy quirky humor aimed at students and life at AUBG.

For the first time in the history of More Honors, an AUBG president won the award for “Coolest Non-Student.” The hosts of the show noticed that his family name is pronounced as “Cool”-inski and suggested this as the reason behind the award.

“I’m so impressed that so many people are here. Thank you for keeping the spirit of adventure alive, and thanks for being here,” Kulinski said.

Winning the award for “None of the Above” was the new sports area, still under construction. In a parody of the Crocodile Hunter, Prof. Diego Lucci won the “Lifetime Achievement” award. Other award categories included “Future Leader,” and “AUBGeek.”

Bulgarian sophomore Dimitar Bratovanov was chosen by the students as a future leader. Bratovanov is a member of AUBG Olympics, StartUp Blagoevgrad, and Samodiva student clubs. He is also a student assistant at the AUBG Office of Communications and Marketing and has been chosen as a resident assistant for Fall 2016.

This was the first More Honors ceremony for Sean Thompson, an exchange student from the U.S. Thompson and his friend, Bulgarian freshman Borislav Baev played Bill and Ted, the characters from the movies of late 80s and early 90s. The duo imagined what would happen to AUBG clubs in 15 years.

“It was wonderful,” Thompson said. “I knew More Honors was a big deal at AUBG, but I had no idea there would be so many people willing to take some of their time to celebrate satire. When you're making the video you just hope at least one person in the audience will find it funny.”

More Honors tries to be the voice of reason on campus and to represent the opinions of the student body, explained Kosovar senior Gentian Gashi, co-president of the More Honors Academy. Producing the show requires hard work, determination, and dedication from the entire More Honors Academy team, Gashi said.

Story by Diana Elagina
Photo Courtesy of the More Honors Academy

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