Modern Languages and Cultures Minor at AUBG Celebrates Its First Year

April 20, 2016

Language learning opens up new ways to explore other cultures and ways of thinking. Though Bulgarian, German, French, and Spanish courses have been offered at AUBG for many years, students have had the opportunity to earn a Modern Languages and Cultures minor (MLCM) since fall 2015.

During AUBG’s ninth Language and Culture Week on April 11-12, students and professors celebrated the first birthday of MLCM. Attendees participated in a language- and culture-themed treasure hunt and listened to songs in different languages. They were also treated to horo dance and flamenco music workshops.

Professional musicians Jesús El Killo and Ire Vázquez who teach at the Spanish Institute Cervantes in Sofia gave a workshop on flamenco music. Some of the audience members played basic melodies on flamenco music instruments.

“It has been said that music is the world’s language, and I believe people were able to feel it,” said Yavor Gueorguiev, professor of Spanish at AUBG.

"The visit of Jesús El Killo and Ire Vázquez was a fruitful continuation of the warm relationship between the Spanish Institute Cervantes and our university,” Gueorguiev also said. The Spanish Institute offers an internship program for AUBG students taking Spanish, and the two academic institutions have collaborated on an Inter-Library connection.

Students from the class Modern Germany: Society, Politics and Culture Denitsa Pashova and Vladislav Fedyanin, performed the comedic roles of German partners lost in the translation of their feelings. Students from the Intermediate French class of professor Krastanka Bozhinova presented a video narrative of the French classic “The Little Prince.”

The MLCM department chair and a professor of German language Diana Stantcheva said that the idea to create the minor came from students who wanted to have a certification of their language skills.

“I think it was a very good idea, and I think the students think the same because in these two semesters we already have 12 students who declared the minor,” Stantcheva said.

Darya Ilina was one of the first students minoring in Modern Languages and Cultures. “After the minor was announced, I decided that it will [sic] be a good opportunity to have a diploma stating that I have finished my French studies.”

Story by Diana Elagina and Tanya Stoynova
Photography by Anastasia Garyainova

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