Max Baklayan (‘08): “AUBG is full of smart and colorful people”

AUBG alum Max Baklayan (‘08) is one of the outstanding professionals on the Bulgarian business scene. The founder and CEO of the award-winning company TAVEX Bulgaria shared his secrets to professional success.

“By the mix of luck, dedication and very hard work, together with my partner, we had the chance to establish the largest bullion and currency exchange operator in Bulgaria,” Baklayan said. “Currently we employ more than 70 people, operate in four major Bulgarian cities and serve over 60,000 satisfied customers per month.”

Baklayan wants to be part of the positive change in the world and considers “starting a new business from scratch, which improves the lives of all stakeholders” his most satisfying accomplishment.

Baklayan’s achievements at TAVEX are indicative not only of his business acumen but also of his leadership skills. “We are a people-first company, thus we truly believe that everyone we work with is part of our extended family,” he said. This belief brought him the prestigious Aon Hewitt Best Employers Award twice.

Baklayan, a Business Administration major at AUBG, said his education played a part in his success as AUBG taught him “cooperation and competition go hand by hand.”

“AUBG has a beautiful and vibrant campus, full of smart and colorful people,” he said. “My best friends to this date are almost all AUBG alumni, and I am grateful for having them.”

What advice would the accomplished alum give to current students?

“Be curious – look for engaging professors and attend their classes, even if not required in your major,” he said. “Surround yourself with kind, humble, smart and curious friends. We all need partners in life and living with someone can show you parts of character that otherwise will remain hidden.

“And finally, test business ideas if possible while still a student; it is harder to compete with people who have nothing to lose!”

Story by Dimana Doneva

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