Lucia Miree: AUBG Students Are Excellent Critical Thinkers

In casual conversation, business majors at AUBG quote snippets of lectures by Professor Lucia Miree or bring up anecdotes she has told in class. A seasoned business professional and scholar, Miree strikes the right balance between the practical and the theoretical, creating a memorable classroom experience.

Miree came to AUBG in 2002 and has since taught classes on a wide variety of subjects: employee and management behaviors, organizational polices, performance management, organizational communication, health care management, health care law, organizational behavior, and human resources management. Among the most popular is her organizational theory and behavior class, of which she often has to offer several sections per semester in order to meet demand.  

Miree has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and French, two master’s degrees, in Mass Media and Public Health respectively, as well as a doctorate in Organizational Communication and Behavior from Florida State University. Her impressive professional resume includes work in the service and production industries in addition to extensive research experience. Work stress, gender issues, and health care are just some of the issues she has explored as a researcher.

Before coming to AUBG, Miree worked on a health care-related project in Israel, following a teaching stint at the University of New England. She said she looked for career opportunities outside the U.S. because of the sheer excitement of being involved in something new and challenging. AUBG proved to be just such a challenge. No two working days are alike here, which makes her job dynamic and interesting. “There is not a day that I get up and don’t want to go to work,” she says.

AUBG students make teaching here the stimulating experience it is. Miree says that her students are excellent critical thinkers and hard workers. They actively engage with the course material and are quick to respond to new ideas. “They have the ability to put together completely different fields,” Miree says.

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