Lachezar Atanasov (‘10): “I would not be where I am without the knowledge and support that I received from AUBG”

AUBG alumnus Lachezar Atanasov (’10) has reached remarkable heights during the years after graduation, developing broad expertise in sales and marketing and landing a job as an ads specialist at Google in Mountain View.

Back at AUBG, Atanasov majored in Business Administration and had two minors: Computer Science and Information Systems. He was also one of the founding members of AIESEC Blagoevgrad and served as vice president of communication for two years there. Being part of an extracurricular activity further enhanced the knowledge and skills he acquired at AUBG, Atanasov said.

“There was nothing better than getting great education from the courses that were taught at AUBG and putting the knowledge in practice through AIESEC,” he said.

AUBG has left him with lifelong friendships and dear memories. One of the highlights of his four years at the university was when he and two colleagues took part in the nationwide Renault&Nissan competition and won. Atanasov, together with Atanas Dyulgerov (‘10) and Veliko Markov(‘10) were the team who proposed the fastest and most efficient way to penetrate the electric vehicles market in Bulgaria.

 “Overall there is no other university in Bulgaria that can give the experience of Skaptopara that we all so dearly miss,” he said.

Atanasov said he believes his education at AUBG played an important role in his career development.

“AUBG was not only a stepping stone but an elevator toward the next chapter of my life,” he said. “With the acquired skills I was able to get sponsored for H-1B visa and work for great companies like AT&T and currently at Google. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be where I am without the knowledge and support that I received from AUBG.”

In addition to working at Google, Atanasov is also performing part-time real estate management in San Francisco. His next career step, he said, is acquiring the three years of required professional experience to get accepted at Stanford and become a data scientist.

Atanasov shared his advice on how to get the best out of the education at AUBG.

“That would be the advice I give to my own nephew, who will be studying at AUBG,” he said. “Four years will pass in the blink of an eye. If you haven’t yet, write a list of things to accomplish and look at it and improve it every single day.”

Story by Dimana Doneva

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