Julian Milev (‘99), Vice President of Finance and CFO at TELUS International Europe: ‘There is an unmatched potential for young graduates to flourish and grow’

This June, AUBG awarded its first Rising Impactors Scholar. The scholarship opportunity aims to support socially conscious young people who carry out positive change for their community and the world. The scholarship would not have been possible without the support of the many donors who believed in the importance of our cause. One of the businesses that helped make the Rising Impactors Scholarship happen is TELUS International, a multilingual provider of digitally-enabled customer experience and business process solutions.

We talked to AUBG alumnus Julian Milev (‘99), Vice President of Finance and CFO of TELUS International Europe, to hear more about the company’s CSR practices and their hopes for the Bulgarian youth. Julian is one of the two procurators of TELUS International in Bulgaria which employs 3,000 team members in Sofia and Plovdiv, serving more than 50 multinational clients from different industries. In his role, he is also responsible for the regional financial operations of the company in Europe. His previous experience includes four years as a Corporate and Investment Banking Manager at Citibank Europe. He has 10 years of experience in the Finance and Merger and Acquisition transactions sector at Kraft Foods International, where he has held various management positions in Bulgaria, England and Switzerland. Prior to that, Julian has also been Associate Partner at the investee company Entrea Capital. He has an MBA degree in Strategic Management and BA and BSc degrees in the fields of Accounting & Auditing and Business Administration. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association for 2017.

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a must for businesses. Why is CSR important and what are some of the best practices from your experience?

Corporate Social Responsibility is instrumental because businesses play a strategic role at the core of public life worldwide. Businesses are responsible for conducting their operations in a way that sets a good example of how funds can be invested in creative and sustainable solutions favoring both the economy and the well-being of social communities. Some of the good initiatives we cherish and practice at TELUS International Europe are related to our annual investment in socially-important projects. Through establishing a TELUS International Community board in each location where the company operates, hundreds of projects from non-profit organizations receive funding every year to combat social challenges. We also engage our team members in our corporate social responsibility through the annual edition of our voluntary initiative TELUS Days of Giving when hundreds of team members contribute to improving the local environment. Our employees are young university students and university graduates and their expectations to the conduct of businesses have increased over time. Through engaging them in our social responsibility program, we also give them an opportunity to feel inspired in their workplace, and relate to and become part of meaningful, fulfilling and sustainable-effect initiatives.

Why did you choose to support the AUBG Rising Impactors Scholarship?

I am an alumnus of AUBG and I believe that Rising Impactors Scholarship is a really motivating opportunity for young people to engage into something that they are fond of and help create the new generation of leaders. Our corporate philosophy to invest in our local communities is completely aligned with the mission of the Rising Impactors Scholarship and we hope that some of the future alumni of the program will also consider joining our team in the future!

The Rising Impactors Scholarship supports young people who are making a positive change in society. What is the importance of teaching young people to help others?

Young people's expectations evolve in response to the dynamic changes caused by the ever-increasing digital innovation. They travel extensively and gather insights from different business models across the globe and expect to be offered similar or superior working environments from their employers. It has become increasingly more important to have socially-engaged businesses that respond to these needs, as well as the needs of their local environments. Teaching young people to help others is an essential part of this process and a means of creating a strong and stable economy and community.

Looking at today’s youth, what are your hopes for the next generation of leaders in Bulgaria and the region? 

We have faith in the youth of Bulgaria and given the current record-high number of vacancies with ITO and BPO companies, we are confident that there is an unmatched potential for young graduates to flourish and grow. We see this with our own team members whose average age is ca. 25 years - they are driven, motivated and they want to join employers who work tirelessly to create a work environment for outgoing individuals who engage in socially-responsible campaigns. Their demands and competencies evolve rapidly and constantly and they expect companies to keep up with the dynamics. This is why businesses should do their best to attract these young people and offer them attractive career development opportunities as they are the future ambassadors of change in Bulgaria.

About TELUS International Europe

TELUS International Europe is a multilingual provider of digitally-enabled customer experience and business process solutions, delivering high-quality services since 2004. The company has more than 6,000 team members across six delivery centers in Sofia and Plovdiv (Bulgaria); Bucharest and Craiova (Romania). TELUS International Europe offers contact center solutions, IT and innovative customer service support for global customers in over 40 languages.

TELUS International Europe is a proud member of the TELUS International family. TELUS International focuses on the value of human connection to design, build and deliver high-tech, high-touch customer experiences powered by next-gen digital solutions. With over 36,000 team members and delivery centers across North and Central America, Europe and Asia, TELUS International empowers customer experience innovation through digital enablement, spirited teamwork, agile thinking, and a caring culture that puts customers first. The company's solutions cover customer experience, digital transformation, IT lifecycle, advisory and digital consulting, risk, and back-office support. Fuelling any stage of company growth, TELUS International partners with some of the world’s most disruptive brands from fast-growing tech, financial services and fintech, games, travel and hospitality, and healthcare industries. The company serves clients in over 40 languages. TELUS holds a 65% interest in TELUS International with Baring Private Equity Asia holding the remaining 35%.

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