Job Fair Series: Programista;

In the time leading up to the 25th Job Fair at AUBG we will introduce to some of the biggest companies to come to campus April 4. Programista; JSC is a premium software solution company based in Bulgaria with more than 500 successfully completed projects for clients from the U.S., Europe and Asia. Alexandra Shtetinska, HR and Talent Development Manager at the company, talks about what makes Programista;a good employer in 2018. 

What are some of the things that set Programista; apart from other companies in your field?

Our most precious asset is the authentic talent and the passion of our people. We always strive to offer everyone in the company the opportunity to grow as a professional in a challenging technical environment. Our key points of differentiation are related to the constant investment in learning and development initiatives. Many of our experienced colleagues teach various programming disciplines in the most prestigious Bulgarian universities. We have also established a corporate internship program 3 times per year and have funded a number of specialized national schools, universities and learning initiatives to expand and improve professional training for the whole IT community. We also offer flexible working conditions, great benefits package and support for the achievement of the career goals of our people.

What are your company’s plans for the future?

It all started with two small offices in Plovdiv, with a team of six developers in each, and nowadays we are over 280 people. We employ some of the most competent and proven professionals in the industry. As a long-term business goal, we are working to become an exceptional product oriented company in our area of expertise. Our short-term growing focus is to develop specific skills for delivery of complete software solutions from research and concept development to successful delivery and implementation. Our plans for the future are to grow the competence of all our teams and to offer them an incredible professional journey.

What kind of efforts you invest in attracting and retaining top talent?

Programista; is an innovative software company with people-centric approach.  The fast growth of our company was fueled by the ability to find, attract, and retain truly exceptional technical talent but we also realized  the strategic challenge to raise our business on a new level of competence. We invest our efforts in attracting and engaging professionals that match our culture and growing mindset. Our screening process includes a behavioral-driven open interview, an in-depth technical skill review and test project implementation.

To ensure that these great talents are developing their competencies, we established a team dedicated to the professional development of our colleagues. We invited them to be part of the transformation and to collaborate in the process of career development and resource management. We made sure that we have the right people for setting objectives, creating development plans for the IT teams including selecting and implementing suitable methodologies to streamline some internal training.

What do you consider to be the most important skills and qualities you look for anyone who wishes to join your team?

Communication and collaboration skills are among the main factors for successful delivery of all our projects. Desire to learn and passion for cutting-edge technologies are a must. We also look for people with proactive and positive attitude. Programista; management also values professionals that recognize opportunities and look for new and productive ways to make an impact. We wish to work with people who take ownership for their actions and have sound judgment about when to be independent and when to seek guidance.

Why should young talents consider joining your company? 

Talents should consider joining us because we are highly innovative and responsible service oriented organization with very attractive remuneration packages, benefits and positive environment.  We develop growth mindset across all verticals in the company and our senior management is involved to spread the enthusiasm and ideas to the whole team through open communication and clear vision. We believe that this is really valuable for everyone considering becoming part of our team.

This article is published in partnership with Programista;, a gold sponsor of the 25th Annual Job and Internship Fair at the American University in Bulgaria.

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