JMC Department Starts Internship Program with Prominent Film Studio

December 21, 2014

Sixteen committed AUBG students earned the unique opportunity to get their feet wet in the real-life filmmaking industry by participating in a semester-long internship program at Nu Boyana Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Nu Boyana is the largest film studio in Eastern Europe and in the last two decades has successfully hosted numerous Hollywood and other international movie productions, such as The Expendables 2 and 3, The Black Dahlia, and The Contract, to name a few. The list of actors who have starred in films made at Nu Boyana is even more impressive, including the likes of Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas, Scarlett Johansson, John Cusack, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

The program was inaugurated largely through the efforts of Melody Gilbert, Head of the Journalism and Mass Communications (JMC) Department and an internationally renowned documentary filmmaker. 

The internship will allow AUBG students, chosen through a thorough merit-based selection process, to specialize in one of the following areas: Cinematography, Sound, Graphics, Editing, Public Relations, Producing, Color Correction, and Scriptwriting. Starting in Spring 2015, they will travel to the studio once a week and meet with a mentor. 

 “As a person who was always into cinema, film making, and digital animation, I find this internship a golden opportunity to achieve my dreams about the future. The chance given at Nu Boyana Studios is once-in-a-lifetime and I cannot find the right words to describe my level of excitement,” shared Lachezar Stoykov, one of the selected participants. 

Tatevik Mkrtchyan, an AUBG student from Armenia, was equally thrilled to be amongst the approved candidates. “I am fond of cinema and arts as well as writing and public relations; therefore, I could not miss a chance to complete an internship at Nu Boyana. I would love to try 3D design and PR, each of which perfectly fits my two majors—Journalism and Mass Communications and Business Administration. Overall, I hope that an internship at Nu Boyana is just a first step on my way to a dream of working in a challenging, artistic, and inspiring film industry,” said Mkrtchyan.

Story by Toma Tetimov
Photos by Stanislav Hristov

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