Get Inspired!

July 20, 2008

When someone asks  "Where should I study English?" the right answer is the English Language Institute (ELI) at AUBG. This summer AUBG's ELI hosted the largest group ever, with 400 people enrolled in its intensive summer courses.

An AUBG community member tells the following story:
While listening during a workshop organized by the Director of the ELI, Elena Bikova, and one of the ELI teachers, Jennifer Herrin, I understood why people are attending ELI.  Earlier this summer, I received an invitation to attend Mrs. Herrin's workshop, A Love-Hate Relationships: How to Manipulate a Textbook, developed specifically to meet the needs of teachers.  As a person never interested in teaching,  I thought, "Why should I spend my time to go there?"  I decided to attend anyway and was very  pleased.  It was so interactive, creative and dynamic that I actually fell in love with teaching! I was inspired to become a teacher after seeing ways of making teaching fun, active and creative.  I saw how teachers can do miracles even with the least interested of students.  I also saw that the teaching profession is important not only for one's future, but for the future of the world, as a whole.

So, here is my answer to the question as to why people come to study at ELI:  because they meet people  like Mrs. Herrin who can inspire others to broaden their knowledge and develop further. 

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