Full Scholar Kristina Borisova Chose Quality American Education Close to Home

Bulgarian Kristina Borisova’s story proves that hard work always pays off. Kristina was an environmental activist, persuading her school to switch to more efficient lighting, and an editor of student publications throughout high school, winning prizes at national journalism competitions.

Kristina also excelled academically. In addition to earning top grades in high school, she got exceptionally high scores on the TOEFL and SAT exams, gaining admission at several U.S. institutions, including the American University in Bulgaria.

In choosing AUBG, she followed in the footsteps of her older brother, an AUBG graduate. She found that at AUBG she could receive education comparable to the one offered at good U.S. institutions while staying in her home country, she says. No other university could top AUBG’s financial aid offer either: The full Nando Peretti Distinguished Scholarship Kristina was awarded not only waives her tuition fee but also pays for room, board, and textbooks for the full four years of study.

At AUBG, Kristina already has her hands full with coursework and extracurricular activities. She is enjoying her JMC classes and says that her professors are “cool” and have interesting teaching styles. She is also exploring the diverse student clubs and activities the University offers its students: She has her eye on FlashNews, where she hopes to keep up with her interest in media. The AUBG Olympics, the university choir, and the Better Community Club also hold a strong appeal for the freshman. And that if that’s not all, Kristina also plans to establish a Bulgarian Folk Dance Club with her new friends.

Fortunately, Kristina is great at multi-tasking, which allows her to juggle several activities at the same time. This quality helped her as a high school student turned environmental campaigner when she and several collaborators repeatedly visited Bulgarian organizations in an attempt to persuade them to switch to more efficient energy sources. As a result, and even though they could not make everyone take action, Kristina and her teammates helped spread awareness of the causes of environmental degradation and possible counteractions. The campaign also aimed to encourage people to help protect the environment through simple acts like recycling their trash, using energy-saving light bulbs, and saving water.

Kristina hopes to keep up with her interests at the University. Yet, as an open-minded and inquisitive person, she loves discovering new things, and AUBG is the perfect place for that, she says.  

Photo by Ioana Mura

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