Panitza Library

Free Trial Access to SAGE Journals & SAGE Research Methods

May 12, 2019

Panitza Library is pleased to inform you that until June 8th, 2019, we will have a free trial access to SAGE Journals & SAGE Research Methods.

The trial, organized by AMICAL, includes access to the following collections:

SAGE Journals 3

SAGE Research Methods 3, consisting of:

· SAGE Research Methods Cases & Cases-2 1

· SAGE Research Methods Datasets

· SAGE Research Methods Video

· SAGE Research Methods Video: Practical Research and Academic Skills

· SRM Video: Data Science

· SAGE Video Business and Management 1

 The access is provided within the University’s network and remotely.*

*For off-campus access please follow these instructions.

If you have questions regarding the trial or would like to give us feedback, please contact Gergana Atanasova, ext.340.

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