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Free Trial Access to Macat iLibrary

November 13, 2017

Macat iLibrary is a global leader in developing critical thinking skills. Their unique toolkit helps learners to effectively measure, analyse, and develop critical thinking, which contributes to greater personal and professional success. Featuring introductory videos, audiobooks, mind maps and other learning tools, the Macat iLibrary helps students quickly unlock core messages within the text, develop new ideas and conclusions, whilst improving creative and critical thinking skills. 

Getting Access to Macat iLibrary

Students, faculty and staff simply need to go to the url above and register using any email address from within the institution’s network. Offsite access will then be possible using your individual logins. 

For more information on the database, please check the User Guides, Title List, and Fact Sheet

If you have questions regarding the trial or would like to give us feedback, please contact Gergana Atanasova.

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