Fortune Tellers of the Technology Age

November 07, 2016

Wouldn’t it be great to know in advance that your laptop would break in a week? Or that a new game you spent thousands of dollars developing would crash after two days of playing it? Would you want to be five times more likely to make faster decisions than your competitors?

“Predictive Analytics” was the title of a recent lecture by VMware Inc. about the importance of predictive analytics in the world of tomorrow. The cloud and virtualization software and services provider is owned by Dell Technologies.

Santosh Pandey, senior manager of Data Sciences at VMware, said that predictive analytics is crucial in the business world, and is not as complicated as some people might think.

“You can see today what will come tomorrow,” Pandey said. “Usually, companies collect data about yesterday and analyze their mistakes, which cannot be changed anymore.” With an overflow of information, Pandey explained, such companies adopt the motto, “Don’t give me big data – give me solutions!”

Predictive analytics allows companies to precisely define their target audience, fix bugs in a system before it is released and improve the overall customer experience. VMware and its global analytics team strive to lower costs and enhance value for their clients.

Pandey invited AUBG students to experience the “different” work environment at VMware by applying for their internship program. VMware interns can choose the area they are interested in and work on real-life problems.

“We value creativity,” Pandey said. “I would encourage you to try to work on a project with us and see how differently we think.”

Because they are willing to train new people, VMware helps young people resolve the age-old struggle of not being hired due lack of experience.

Andrey Anastassov, a 2010 AUBG graduate in Journalism and Political Science, joined the VMware team this February. “I didn’t have even the smallest idea of what I would do [after graduation].” Anastassov said. For him, AUBG and the liberal arts education system gave him a broader picture of the world and helped him adjust to different environments. He is excited to see that AUBG is reaching out more to businesses and connecting students with employers.

The event, organized by the Hub, took place on October 13 in the BAC Delchev Auditorium.

Story by Karina Khristich

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