Famous Bulgarian Poet, AUBG Professor Vladimir Levchev Presents Newest Book "Love in the Square"

April 21, 2017

Vladimir Levchev, a famous and loved poet in Bulgaria and a professor at AUBG presented his book "Love in the Square" in Panitza Library on April 11. The poet wrote 15 books and his works have been translated in more than six languages. The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Henry Taylor has translated a number of poems written by Levchev that were published in several books.

The poet read some remarkable poems that he wrote more than twenty years ago. 

"I have truly enjoyed the reading series presented by Prof. Levchev. He has read both of his old poems and new ones. Moreover, [the] Professor explained how and when he wrote those poems, and what influenced his writing style. It was very interesting to hear about his career when he was working as editor-in-chief and the political constraints happening back in those years. He is a great poet and I love his style of writing," said Leila Suleimenova, an AUBG student.

Story and photos by Greta Talmaci

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