Evelina Baronova ’10: “The keen ambition you find in AUBG students is really impressive”

She is an intelligent, curious, diligent, and friendly young person that cares not only about the outcome of a certain activity – for example, passing an exam with flying colors or finding a well-paid job – but also and, perhaps even more, about the learning experience on the way towards this outcome. While at AUBG, she devoted significant time and effort to maintaining a high academic standing, yet she felt academia alone is not enough and thus got involved in various projects beyond the classroom. Notably, she served as a Student Senator to the Student Government in her third year at the university, while in her final year she became a tutor in Corporate Finance, helping her business fellows at AUBG grasp the gist of the material in this subject area. In other words, she is Evelina Baronova.

Baronova grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city, where she also acquired her high school diploma at "Boyan Penev" Foreign Language School. Having achieved a cumulative grade of 5.98 (with 6.00 being the highest possible grade), Baronova was, quite unsurprisingly, the class valedictorian. Her inclination to engage in extracurricular activities showed up at an early stage: she was a class representative for two consecutive years and she was thus directly involved in the organization of various student events, such as the Christmas party and the commencement ceremony.

Why did she choose AUBG? ‘I wanted to study according to the American education system and I wanted to stay close to home, so this was the perfect option’, Baronova explains. ‘Moreover, I knew that graduating from AUBG would reveal a lot of future opportunities, so it was definitely my number one choice.’

Not only did Baronova do a major in Business Administration and a minor in Economics,  but she gained a solid understanding of her major field of study by taking all finance- and accounting-related courses available. Looking back, what Baronova values the most about studying at AUBG is General Education – the trademark of American liberal arts colleges. "No matter what your chosen field of profession is, you need to be open-minded and have knowledge and opinion of different topics", Baronova points out. "The variety of courses you take really shapes your way of thinking and enhances your awareness of the world – two things that will always drive you forward."

Small classes, interactive in-class discussions, and a diverse student body are some more aspects of AUBG education that make Baronova certain she made the right choice. On the one hand, the close cooperation between students and professors, she thinks, prepares AUBG students for the day-to-day relationships among colleagues in multinational companies. On the other hand, the cultural diversity and the sense of a tightly-knit community on campus mean that "you learn so much about the world just by meeting people who have different opinions and perspectives from your own."

Being highly ambitious by nature, Evelina went on to complete an M.S. in Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics. Afterwards, she got accepted into PROGRESS, a young management development program grooming the new generation of Airbus leaders.

If success can be defined as having the opportunity to do what you love the most, then Baronova undoubtedly is a successful person, since  she has discovered her true calling at Airbus Defence and Space: to constantly create, innovate, and improve – values that constitute the AUBG spirit.

Story by Daniel Penev
Photos provided by Evelina Baronova

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