Eftim Eftimov (‘08): “90 percent of my closest friends now in Sofia are from AUBG”

Years after graduation, AUBG alumni continue to be closely connected to and supportive of the university. Eftim Eftimov (‘08) signed his first job contract on AUBG’s campus, played the lead role in the university’s musical in 2014, and is currently serving as the treasurer of the AUBG Alumni Association (AAA).

Back at AUBG, Eftimov studied business administration and tutored other students in corporate finance. He was also actively involved with soccer and became soccer champion three times with three different student teams.

Eftimov also found good friends among his colleagues at the university.

 “Ninety percent of my closest friends now in Sofia are from AUBG,” he said.

“I was communicating with these people one way or another so why not do it in the bigger frame,” Eftimov said. That’s when he joined the AAA and was selected as its treasurer.

While there, Eftimov mentioned that he can sing, so one of the AAA board members, who was also involved with AUBG’s musical in 2014, told him they were looking for an actor.

Coming from a family of musicians, Eftimov was always interested in music and decided to audition for “All Shook Up.” He went to audition for a secondary role but was eventually offered the lead.

“I considered it for 35 seconds and said yes,” Eftimov said.

“It was an amazing experience because from October through April I was in Blagoevgrad every weekend: I finished work at 5, got in my car, drove here, rehearsed all Friday night, all Saturday and Sunday,” he said. “It was very interesting managing my Sofia life and the life here; most weeks I would also return to Sofia on Monday morning. I wake up at 6 here, be in Sofia at 8 and go to work. Two completely different worlds.”

Eftimov’s professional life is also closely connected to the university. He started going to job interviews in Sofia during his senior year. A number of companies came to Blagoevgrad to recruit students at AUBG’s annual job fair and the HR person from Colliers-International offered him a job.

“I actually signed my first contract at AUBG, in one of the rooms in the main building,” he said. “I will never forget this.”

Eftimov said he started working the Monday after commencement. “I had several hours of unemployed life after AUBG,” he said. “And employment at that company happened 99 percent because of AUBG as well as because there were already three alumni working in this company.”

At Colliers, Eftimov worked in investment advising concerning real estate deals.

“I was headhunted by a bank and in 2012 I started working at Alpha Bank as head of two departments,” Eftimov said. “And it’s fun because it was my first job that involved people management. I was there until the summer of 2014.”

He said he left to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, and it seems to have been a good move. He launched his company, Property Club, in the beginning of 2015 and has received funding from an angel investor from the United States. Property Club is an online platform that allows investors to become co-owners of a property and take a share of the profit after the property is sold. It’s the first company of its kind in the region and second in continental Europe apart from Spain.

The innovative project that offers alternative to banking deposits was soon noticed on the Bulgarian business scene and the influential online newspaper Capital recently wrote an article on Eftimov’s business.

Story by Dimana Doneva

Photography by Dimitar Bratovanov

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