Codru Vrabie, Class of 1998: With Excellence Infrastructure and Faculty, AUBG Is a Great Place to Study

Civil society organizations representative at the National Integrity Council of Romania; consultant at the Romanian Institute of Training; board member of Transparency International – Romanian Chapter; adviser to the Speaker of the Lower House of the Romanian Parliament: Codru Vrabie’s diverse professional resume showcases his constant pursuit of new challenges and opportunities.

Codru’s academic background is equally impressive: He worked toward a law degree in Romania while studying at AUBG. Subsequently, he earned a master’s degree in European Public Affairs from the University of Maastricht.

AUBG nurtured his determination and ambition by throwing many opportunities his way. In addition, as a student here he learned many useful skills, such as time and workload management, organization skills, and the right professional attitude. He adds, in humility, that “AUBG also taught me work ethics and entrepreneurship, in spite of my being totally untalented when it comes to business — but I used all of these things in my social, non-profit work, in each and every NGO I ever worked for.”

Above all, “AUBG taught me the intrinsic value of tolerance,” Codru says, referring to the multicultural AUBG community where he made many friends. “AUBG reconfirmed the invaluable lesson of friendship — and nothing can ever beat or top that.”

Nothing quite matches Codru’s continued involvement with AUBG: He will often join recruitment tours in Romania where he gladly shares his memories with prospective students. Many a current and former student remembers being given their first orientation to AUBG by Codru at the train station in Bucharest or being helped with finding professional internships. Codru has also been a fixture at alumni reunions and University events from the moment he set foot at AUBG.  

Why does he dedicate time and effort to AUBG? “Because it's a great place to go study, with excellent infrastructure and faculty, and because I had the greatest time there, as a student, and I think students should be able to partake in this exquisite experience,” Codru says.

His advice to current and future AUBG students is to get involved in extracurricular activities and strive for the best in order to make the most out of the AUBG experience.  

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