Coca-Cola HBC Trade Channels Marketing Manager Nadya Slavova (‘08) talks Soft Drinks and Hard Work

Nadya Slavova (’08) returned back to AUBG to let future business students in on the idea development and creative marketing process at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company on March 30 in the Andrey Delchev Auditorium. Together with Yordan Slavov, Head of the Marketing Function at the company, Slavova presented the biggest recent innovation on the Coca-Cola horizon – its strategic plan and execution and all aspects of the decision-making process which ensured its success and profitability.

Back in her AUBG years, Slavova was majoring in business administration and spent her free times watching “Sex and the City” in some of the student lounges or having quality time with friends. Little did she know that 10 years from then, she would be one of the successful up-and-coming Managers in the Marketing department of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria. It all started during her final year at AUBG when she submitted her resume at the annual job fair. She knew she had a passion for the world of marketing but no practical working experience in the field.

“I got in touch with representatives from Coca-Cola Hellenic Bulgaria during the job fair in the early spring of 2008. Before finals week I’ve already had two interviews in the office in Sofia and I was invited to join the marketing team right before graduation. Since I had no experience, I believe my future manager saw in me the passion to learn, develop and achieve results,” she said.

In 2008, Coca-Cola was ranked number one in the best global brands charts, so it only made sense that she leapt at the offer. This is when Slavova became part of the close-knit family and creative team behind the brand’s Bulgarian branch. The rest is history.

Once in the Coca-Cola family, she got a chance to work in different positions. From Sparkling Soft Drinks Officer, and Sampling and Events Supervisor, all the way to her current Trade ChannelsMarketing Manager position, she gained valuable insights and indispensable skills in the world of marketing that made her a powerful asset to her team.

In the future, she plans to continue contributing to the marketing team of Coca-Cola Hellenic either in Bulgaria or abroad.

When looking back, Slavova acknowledged the importance of education and, particularly, AUBG in the process.

“AUBG is a great place to learn but at the same time, it helped me further develop what I believe my strengths are – managing projects, delivering results and a never-give-up attitude,” she said. “Hard work always pays off. This is valid every single day.”

Slavova shared the potential internship and trainee programs launched by Coca-Cola HBC that might be of interest to the students in the auditorium. With a radiant smile on her face and a bottle of Coca-Cola in hand, she said it was a pleasure to present in front of all future marketing enthusiasts and gave a small piece of advice to all students interested in the field. “Pursue a career in what makes you happy. If marketing is what makes you happy, do not go into finance,” she advised.

Story and photos by Desislava Stoeva

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