Clarence Seedorf in Sofia: The Joint Executive Master’s Program of AUBG and SDA Bocconi Embodies Leading by Example

June 01, 2017

Football legend Clarence Seedorf guest starred at the presentation of the Executive Master’s program in Finance, Banking & Real Estate (EMFBRE) organized jointly by AUBG and SDA Bocconi. The football player holds a master’s degree in business from SDA Bocconi and came to support his home university at the launch of the joint effort. “Leading by example is something I’ve always believed in,” Seedorf said and added that EMBRE embodies this spirit.

Seedorf’s journey at SDA Bocconi began with the search for his path in life. “I decided that I wanted to give myself the opportunity to learn more about the things that I was interested in. I wanted to grow as a person, and also from a specific knowledge point of view I wanted to grow. I’ve always been interested in business,” he explained in his speech.

The stellar midfielder also talked about the importance of values in today’s world. “What makes life special is when we can share – share our dreams, share our pains, share our victories,” the famous footballer said. Seedorf stressed on the impact of giving. “Giving is an underestimated source of energy that we should try to acknowledge much more.”

Seedorf translated his views on moral standards in the context of higher education. “I think it is very important that we focus back on these values. And that’s one of the reasons I am here representing Bocconi University. Because I know Bocconi University represent these values and the fact that the partnership with the American University [in Bulgaria] is here means that they also share these values,” Seedorf elaborated.

Seedorf was not the only world-recognized star the event featured. Marco Patuano, CEO of business giant Benetton Group and also an SDA Bocconi alumnus, used video connection to speak about business success and what it takes to be a leader.

EMFBRE graduates will earn two degrees – from SDA Bocconi and from AUBG – that will be recognized in Europe and the U.S. The program will be based in AUBG’s Sofia headquarters – Elieff Center. It features a 16-module, 14-month curriculum that has been adapted specifically to the region’s needs. Classes will be held entirely in English. EMBRE gives the region’s leaders the chance to earn a prestigious diploma for 30 % less than the program’s equivalent in Italy. The project has no equivalent in Eastern Europe. Seats in the program are limited and admission is highly selective, as EMBRE represents a substantial educational investment in personal and career advancement.

Among Bocconi’s famous alumni are ex Italian leader Mario Monti, businessman and former chairman of the European Banking Federation Alessandro Profumo, Vodafone Group CEO Vittorio Colao and many others. According to a recent “Financial Times” ranking, SDA Bocconi scores third in the Custom Program Business Schools category in Europe and fourth in the world.

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