Boris Nakev (EMBA’10), Sales Executive at Micro Focus: The EMBA Program Would Benefit Anyone’s Professional Development

Why did you decide to enroll in the Executive MBA of the American University in Bulgaria?

At that moment I have reached a point where I didn’t have enough knowledge and experience to make the next step in my professional development. I needed a quality change and an upgrade of knowledge. People do not usually start at management positions early in their careers. As one’s career progresses and they become managers, they don’t feel sufficiently prepared for it. They begin to understand what a great responsibility it is not only when it comes to operational business results but also with regards to strategic planning, the understanding of business, marketing and contractor management, and especially with regards to working with people and expert teams.

Team management is a sphere of work with many unknowns and being prepared for it is a must if you want to not only be a successful manager but also an inspiring leader. The EMBA program gave me practical knowledge of operational management, financial management, accounting fundamentals and resource management– knowledge that is key to understanding, managing and developing business. More than that, the program helped me understand a lot of techniques and practices in managing expert teams.

What is the most valuable lesson you learned while studying at the EMBA program?

This program gave me the chance to work and interact with managers and industry experts who greatly enriched my knowledge of the business in their industries and the practices that they use in order to cope with various challenges. What makes the EMBA program unique is that the international lecturers are recognized globally and are experts in their fields. Our professors shared real-life situations and views from around the world that greatly expanded my vision and changed the way I look at some regional challenges.

What is your overall impression of the program?

The teaching method is very different from what I had experienced in Bulgarian universities. We were studying outside of the classes - at home. During the lectures, we were supposed to already be well-acquainted with the material and to discuss what we had not understood as well as to consider the practical applications of the theoretical knowledge and participate in group projects where we could apply what we have learned in class.

Do you think that an EMBA diploma could affect one’s career?

The EMBA diploma would certainly complement one’s future professional development- after all, you receive three diplomas- a Bulgarian, a European and a U.S. one. But at the end what really matters is what you have learned, the practical tasks, the teamwork, the sharing of knowledge and the experience as a whole. This is what serves as a proof that you deserve the diploma and the AUBG education.

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