Boris Marinov (‘15): “My Fondest Memories of the University Belong to the Student Clubs”

With AUBG’s Commencement Ceremony 2016 just around the corner, many graduating seniors wonder what comes next. Recent AUBG alumnus Boris Marinov (‘15) assures “life after AUBG ain’t that bad at all.” In the year after graduation, Marinov has landed a job as a business consultant at Forton/ Cushman & Wakefield Alliance in Sofia, a professional experience he said is both dynamic and rewarding.

At the company, Marinov conducts and facilitates processes of acquisition, disposition, and work-out of diverse real estate assets. “The company is well established on the market with excellent networking system among all parties involved in the real estate sector,” Marinov said. “Working for Forton/Cushman & Wakefield Alliance has offered me a snapshot of best practices and know-how experience in the investment sales and property management services.”

Marinov’s career path began at AUBG’s Annual Job and Internship Fair 2015 where he met with representatives of Forton/ Cushman & Wakefield Alliance and successfully applied for an internship.

“It would be accurate to say that I am a success story in my company as [I was] hired for an internship program and then offered a full-time position,” Marinov said.

Back at AUBG, Marinov majored in Business Administration and Information Systems and was an active member of the university community. In addition to being a resident assistant, he was also a member of Rotaract club Blagoevgrad - AUBG, a DJ and news presenter at Radio AURA, and treasurer and head of the sponsorship department at AUBG Olympics.  

“My fondest memories of the university belong to the clubs,” Marinov said. “The meetings, the organization of different events, the parties, the people (…) are just my cup of tea – a social experience which cannot be found anywhere else,” he said. “This is the place where you go beyond your studies and you could encounter real-life situations. This is probably the most valuable asset of AUBG.”

Marinov said he has two pieces of advice to current AUBGers. “If you desire something, work for it, sell yourself as the best option and always keep your promises,” he said. “The second piece of advice is: do not wait for opportunities to come to you but work for them.”

As for his future plans, Marinov said he wants to “travel, travel and then travel even more.”

“My goal is to explore the world, meet different cultures and travel to the wildest places,” he said. “In my opinion, experience is true knowledge and no Wikipedia page can teach you the Maori Haka dance or how to knit a Panama hat.”

Story by Dimana Doneva

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