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'Books About Books, Libraries and Reading' Subject Week

April 28, 2022

This week we share with you a list of books in which the central themes are books, libraries and reading in general. You will find various kinds of books your book-loving soul desires.

Print books:

1. Borsuk, A. (2018). The book. The MIT Press. Z4 .B74 2018

2. Bradbury, R. (1991). Fahrenheit 451. Ballantine Books. PS3503.R167 F3 1991

3. Haig, M. (2020). The midnight library. Viking. PR6108.A39 M53 2020

4. Haraszti, Z. (1956). The enigma of the Bay Psalm book. University of Chicago Press. BS1440.B415 H3 1956

5. Jennison, P. (1963). The Freedom to read. Public Affairs Commitee. KF4118 .J4 1963 

6. Moers, W. (2008). The city of dreaming books : A novel from Zamonia. Overlook Press. PT2673.O293 S7313 2008

7. Morgenstern, E. (2020). The starless sea : a novel. A Division of Penguin Random House LLC. PS3613.O74875 S73 2020

8. Ozeki, R. (2021). The book of form and emptiness. Viking. PS3565.Z45 B66 2021

9. Smith, A. (2015). Public library and other stories. Hamish Hamilton. PR6069.M4213 P83 2015

10. The book lovers' anthology : a compendium of writing about books, readers & libraries. (2014). Bodleian Library. PN6071.B7 B66 2014

11. Zafón, C. L. (2004). The shadow of the wind(L. Graves, Trans.). Penguin Press. PQ6668.U49 S6613 2004

When off-campus, please enter your credentials to access the e-books and articles:

E- books

1. Alistair McCartney. (2008). The End of the World Book : A Novel. University of Wisconsin Press. EBSCOhost

2. Andrews, S. E., & Bowis, D. (2008). 100 must-read books for men. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. ProQuest Ebook Central

3. Foster, G. (2012). Ban the book report : Promoting frequent and enthusiastic reading. Pembroke Publishers. ProQuest Ebook Central

4. Horsfield, J. (2020). A bookshop in wartime. Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty, Limited. ProQuest Ebook Central

5. Kugel, J. L. (2012). A walk through jubilees : Studies in the book of jubilees and the world of its creation. BRILL. ProQuest Ebook Central

6. Lupton, E. (Ed.). (2008). Indie publishing : How to design and produce your own book. Princeton Architectural Press. ProQuest Ebook Central

7. Mani, B. V. (2016). Recoding world literature : Libraries, print culture, and germany's pact with books. Fordham University Press. ProQuest Ebook Central

8. McMurran, M. H., & McMurran, M. H. H. (2009). The spread of novels : Translation and prose fiction in the eighteenth century. Princeton University Press. ProQuest Ebook Central

9. Rennison, N. (2008). 100 must-read life-changing books. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. ProQuest Ebook Central

10. Woodard, G. (2018). Write the book you're meant to write : A guide for first-time authors. Dudley Court Press, LLC. ProQuest Ebook Central

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