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Book Presentations & Readings Series: The Vernacular and Sacred Languages of Medieval Europe, by Prof. Serguey Ivanov

April 14, 2019

General discussion: a very brief introduction to the theory of spoken and literary languages in Medieval Europe. The Bible, Christianity, Greek and Latin spoken and biblical language forms.

Specific discussion on the example of Old Slavonic: origin, nature, history, and cultural role in the realm of the Byzantine Commonwealth.

Prof. Serguey Ivanov  Over the years since 1978 (not counting my previous employment in wireless communication) I had an honor to study theory and practice in the core anthropological disciplines and experience everyday life in a number of “European” cultures. My current professional expertise is indebted to many sites of life-long learning (to name just few – Sofia, Athens, Moscow, Zadar, Heidelberg, New York…) I have had a chance to present my findings at some 60 professional conventions and to publish over 100 specific texts in three languages, among them a major translation from Byzantine Greek and a monograph on Old Slavic language. While at AUBG since 1995, I have taught a number of courses relevant to my expertise, one of which – the RLG 200 New Age Spirituality – for the last 15 years remains unique in and well beyond the academic educational area of AUBG.

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