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Book Presentations & Readings Series: Realities of War: In Their Words

October 02, 2018

Our culture of consumption of academic texts and easy-to-read articles often strips humanity from history. With the rise of fake news and resurgence of revisionist history, we might negate one of the reasons we have histories to recite: military veterans. In relation to times of war, history often overshadows military members’ contributions and relegates them as statistics rather than storytellers. Veterans hold a unique, direct perspective of living history as it unfolds.

For nearly seven continuous years, the soldiers of 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment “Warriors” maintained a combat presence in some of the most austere and remote locations during the height of the war in Afghanistan. Through written accounts, interviews, and photographs the soldiers illuminate the shadows of war to provide personal insight into the tolls of combat. As our global community modernizes, so too should our understandings of war and its consequences.

Steven London served for nearly 10 years in the United States Army before being retired for his injuries that earned him the Purple Heart. After completing his military service, he returned to academia where he pursues his passions of International Relations and Diplomacy while also serving as an English instructor. In 2015, he created the AUBG Writer’s Guild to inspire writers, designers, editors, and those inspired by the power of books to join the first student-run publishing house in the Balkans. In 2018, the AUBG Writer’s Guild published his book “Mortal Men, Immortal Warriors”. He promotes the integration of charitable causes into his work. He resides in Blagoevgrad with his fiancée Viktoriia and their parakeet Chip.

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