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Book Presentations & Readings Series: “Organizational Change Management Strategies in Modern Business”, by Prof. Asli Goksoy, Feb. 7, 2017

February 03, 2017

Scholars agree that change has become a staple in organizational life and will likely remain as such beyond the 21st century. As the rate of change continues to accelerate, organizations must strive to develop and implement new initiatives in order to obtain significant benefits to organizational survival, economic viability, and human satisfaction.

"Organizational Change Management Strategies in Modern Business" covers the most important elements of change management as well as the difficulties and challenges that organizations have faced when implementing change. In sampling different disciplines relevant to topics such as resistance to change, mergers and acquisitions management, leadership, the role of human resource strategies, and culture, this reference work is a useful resource for academics, professionals, managers, administrators, and others interested in organizational change.

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